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Zhuxiaohu Are Happy To Invest Ofo

If you want to do bike sharing like mobike or ofo at your country, you can contact with me by email:

Phone/whatsapp:+86 181 0028 0527  Skype:sales4_812

"Really, we are very realistic." Jinshajiang venture capital fund partner, managing director Zhu 

Xiaohu in the February 17 chaos study society made a speech. At the same time, he also expressed 

to the public optimistic abouto's business model.

Following the investment of the drop, hungry, Biography, Zhu Xiaohu in the second half of 2016 and 

invested ino. From the investment of each project, we can easily find that each project has become 

the industry's first, its unique eyes are commendable. Imagine, if in accordance with this law, ofo 

become the industry should also be the first should be.

Peking University "encounter" ofo sure its business model invests capital

If Zhu Xiaohu and ofo fate, you can use the "encounter" to describe the word. At that time has not 

yet out of the campus ofo just in the campus of Peking University popular, accidental opportunity, 

Zhu Xiaohu a child riding a small yellow car to pick up a girlfriend, think this project is very 

good, so take the initiative to find the ofo.

After the conversation, Zhu Xiaohu found that the commercial profits of which considerable. Here 

count a math problem, an order of 0.5 yuan, a car 10 days a day, a cost of 200 yuan to recover the 

cost of bicycles will take 40 days, minus the damage rate, maintenance, etc., 3 months will be able

to earn back. This is just a car's return. If you expand to the entire campus market and to the 

community, the daily order to reach one million level, a year down income of several billion or 

even more than one billion have potential. Affirmed its business model, Zhu Xiaohu hesitate to put 

the capital, for the next development of theo injected into the power, but also indirectly led to 

the drop of investment.


Ofo team called Peking University new youth self - confidence, modest, experienced super - investor 


During the speech, Zhu Xiaohu was asked, "how to choose the founder," he gives the answer is "

self-confidence, modest, experienced, convincing", and these unified standards into the team, can 

be said that even excellent.

Review of ofo entrepreneurial process, the founder of the team for the North University Guanghua 

School of Management 2014 master's degree graduate Dai Wei, Marxist Institute of 2015 graduate 

students Xue Ding, and graduation is also less than one year of the archaeological Institute of the 

150th Master Zhang Biding, Institute of Education 2015 In the letter, they germination of these 

thoughts are all from the cycling hobbies, hope through the "shared bicycle" platform, teachers and 

students anytime, anywhere to ride the target. Initially, the team in the WeChat public platform for

marketing, and even rely on acquaintances, "yellow car" put into use 40 days later, Peking 

University certified users break through 20,000 people, then, the entire team has developed the 

National People's Congress, Beihang, , In December 2015 ushered in Pre-A financing, since then on 


Throughout the development process, ofo team encountered many difficulties, but every time, CEO Dai 

Wei said, "as long as the idea is not landslide, the method is more than difficult," show 

extraordinary self-confidence and experience, called Peking University new youth.

Talk about the future of theo, Zhu Xiaohu always have confidence. As the development of business 

projects so far, ofo public welfare and profitability by a lot of people's attention, return to 

their original heart, with one of the founders Zhang Biding said, "the real use of technology to 

facilitate people's lives - good products can bring long-term profits"

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