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XiaoBai Bike Are Going To Entre Market

After 2016 "drag racing style" development, Mobike and ofo become the market's largest two 

shared bicycle company, but recently there is a shared bicycle brand surfaced.

Millet ecological chain, small white bike challenge mobike and ofo

The brand called "small white bicycle", the first batch of 100,000 bicycles have been January 1, 

2017 began to put to Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. It is noteworthy that the white 

bike has completed the current round of investment in angels, investors for the ride in mind 

(Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd., and ride in mind millet ecological chain enterprises.

With millet endorsement, perhaps the "white bicycle" as a new entrant, there is confidence to break

 the existing pattern of one of the reasons.

"We believe that the use of excellent product experience to attract users, and the formation of 

word of mouth support." January 7 in an interview with journalists in an exclusive interview, the 

general manager and founder of riding Huang Weixiang that, For small white bicycle is concerned, 

there is no "grab users" problem, because the development of shared bicycle in a city focus is not 

to shop more than the amount of car volume, but whether the efficient way to operate a good product

 and provide good Experience.

"We will not pursue the absolute order size, not to 20% of the redundancy and pay three or four 

times the cost.We will operate in an orderly manner, I hope the daily turnover rate of 5 per 

vehicle per day and Huang Weixiang said the white bicycle will be according to their own rhythm, 

according to the time node, the city volume to do the dynamic adjustment of product volume, will 

not burn money to advertise, but will be exposed through event marketing.

As the share of bicycle production is growing, the amount of investment in the city more and more, 

the concept of shared bicycle gradually spread from the first-tier cities to many second and third 

tier cities. So although Moab and ofo are currently in the market accounted for more than 50% of 

the volume, but from a national point of view other brands of shared cycling still have a chance.

However, in early 2017 at the beginning of such a point in time to enter this market, most people 

will feel a little too late, this small white co-founder He Xinming said CEO, small white bicycle 

spent a whole year to prepare.

"The outside world may feel too slow, if only a good first step on the admission, then do not need 

so much time, but we will mode, operation, all aspects of the product want to clear, the time 

flies. Ming Ming explained to the interface journalists.

In this case,

First of all, as a latecomer benefit is to see more clearly on the market, you can take the overall

 layout of the different strategies. One of the most visible white bicycle is shared bikes must 

cooperate with the Government, the resource binding, the shared bicycle as part of urban 

infrastructure to carry out, and through the government's standardized management to avoid 

disorderly competition.

"Sharing the barbaric growth and disorderly competition, will cause great waste of social resources.

For example, a city only need 50,000 vehicles, but about the influx of 300,000, which is unreasonable."

 Huang Wei Xiang said, At present, including Beijing, Shenzhen and other major cities in 

legislation, such as Shenzhen may be forced to limit the market share of 200,000 shared bicycle 

market, to each participant to provide a fixed share, so that we offer a reasonable offer bid 

solution, and according to word of mouth , The public influence and other factors half a year 

assessment time.

"The government has to provide the public with the green travel mode of appeal, itself has launched

 a similar project.For shared bicycle project, the government wants to know what is going on, what 

kind of results, and the results can be digitized. "Huang Wei Xiang said that the Internet model 

for the needs of the Government to provide an export, the starting point is to make the city better


According to reports, the white bike from July 2016 to discuss with the government how to more 

orderly way into the city, with the city's public transport complement each other, such as whether 

it can do with the public bus card system integration, including services will not use mobile Pay 

for the elderly and other groups.

In Guangzhou, the white bicycle is now as a newly opened subway supporting the sharing of bicycles,

 and Metro Line 6 co-operation test, and in the subway near the port set up a special parking site.

Secondly, as a latecomer can better consider the cost of the product cost and follow-up maintenance

 costs, from the supply chain began to consider, the introduction of better products.

He Xiangming as the former United States Dahon bike technical director, engaged in the bicycle 

industry for 17 years, won several awards at home and abroad, so have good enough design resources,

 product design.

According to Ho Ming Ming introduced, in order to give users a lighter, better riding experience, 

small white bicycle powered by belt drive, riding a more light and smooth, it will not "drop chain." 

While the white bike seat cushion is more comfortable, but also adjust the height. In addition, the

 bike in front of the bar it also set aside a spare battery location, the future can be introduced 

as an existing electric vehicle bikes iterations, electric bicycles.

At the same time, in the cycling strategy on the white bicycle using a large data analysis method. 

White Bicycle App and ride ride App share user data, after more than three years of accumulation, the cumulative number of users riding more than 1.5 million, which produced a lot of data. Through large data analysis, small white bike riding hot spots, hot starting point of the end line to better grasp, so a good delivery planning, and to provide more accurate scheduling operations guidance.

"In contrast, our attributes are more similar to Moebt, where operational focus is on how to 

effectively use data, how to reduce operational costs, and how to do a good job in a comprehensive 

product experience," Ho said.

However, compared to Mo worship, as a member of the ecological chain of small white bicycle has 

more resources available.

"To give a simple example, millet ecological chain in a mattress company called Fun sleep 

technology, we can provide 1000 bicycles to help them brand exposing them as a replacement to 

provide 10,000 pillows help us to do branding, But also the formation of interaction between 

consumers millet ecological chain of dozens of different companies, these readily available 

resources can be used directly. "Huang Wei Xiang said that the future will be small white with 

millet, millet applications Market, millet mall and millet home for more cross-mode cooperation.

In addition, millet and "riding in mind" in the production of hardware for the small white bicycle 

provides a lot of resources to support the millet supply chain, foundry resources, data 

communications capabilities, based on the Internet of things on the white bicycle open use. Due to 

the endorsement of the ecological chain, small white bicycle can even get the ability to do the car

 foundry bike components.

In such conditions, the 2017 target of small white bicycle from the second-tier cities such as 

Changsha, Wuhan and other places began to enter the 30 cities, security at the end of a city put 

5000 bicycles, followed by dynamic increase, while deepening cooperation with local governments. 

At present, white bicycle has been negotiated with eight cities signed a cooperation intention, in 

January will be put into the market share of 20,000 bicycles.

"There are two dimensions of user growth and city size, from the point of view of the amount of 

users may be 400 million, ofo goal may be 600 million, and then the two accounted for more than 70%

 of the total volume. Pay more attention to the dimensions of the city. "Huang Wei Xiang that a 

second-tier cities together, more than 200, each company has its own city matrix, so a single city 

is not necessarily a good thing, beyond the local market demand maintenance The cost will be 


Trend for the user needs, Huang Wei Xiang is to determine the user will become more and more lazy, 

which is a small white bicycle electric power system for the foreshadowed the reason. Once the 

electric power system is put into use, the sharing of bicycles will range from 1 to 3 kilometers, 

expanding to 3-10 kilometers.

In addition, the small white bike also intends to external output, such as with Moab will 

participate in the Singapore shared bicycle program bid.

Up to now, including Moab and ofo not in the shared bicycle to find a good profit model, which 

Huang Wei Xiang that is not eager to make money white bicycle, early as long as the data model can 

be balanced as far as possible.

"In terms of riding, the value of sharing the bike is to dig a new wave of bicycle users through 

the product." Huang Wei Xiang that the use of bicycles have different properties, in addition to 

travel there are travel, cycling, exercise and so on . Shared bicycle to solve the travel demand, 

the elimination of the bike may be less than 1,000 yuan consumer market, but the opportunity for 

riding in terms of the development of more like bicycle users, so that more people ride and buy 

more high-end car .

"In Europe we clearly see that all families have two kinds of bicycles, one is commuter cars Monday

 to Friday, the other is 2,000 to 3,000 euros mountain bike or road bike for cycling exercise. For 

us, getting more potential users is more important than making a profit, "Huang said.

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