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With Bluegogo Ceo's Conversation

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Three months ago, almost everyone thought that the Battle of the Battle of the final game players 

have emerged, a small orange bike and small yellow bike to the way the streets are tit for tat.

But did not expect just three months time, the market has emerged more than 20 other shared bicycle 

brands, they also try to share in this round of capital feast. Recently, small blue bike to Beijing,

 with a good riding experience captured a crowd of fans. Creative circles realize that although the 

small blue bike covers the city and the number of bicycles is far less than the number of the mocha,

 but this dark horse may become a major variable in the battles.

Bluegogo CEO Li Gang has repeatedly expressed his confidence in his products in public 

without fear.

Today, looking for a Chinese founder (ID: xjbmaker) on the exclusive interview with Li Gang, for 

you to open the cycle of sharing the opportunities and challenges behind the cycle.

Beijing market also put space

Looking for Chinese Crew: By March, the ofo covered 43 cities, covered by 32 cities, small blue was 

covered by six cities, there is no consideration to speed up the pace?

Li Gang: We and theo, the choice of play is not the same, they choose to shop more cities, and we 

choose the depth of play, that is, five or six cities as a unit to gradually advance, a The city 

has a city to penetrate, the front pull too long easy to drag himself dead.

Looking for China Crew: In Beijing, Mobike and ofo are running 200,000, small blue also put 100,000

, do you think a big city capacity limit is how much?

Li Gang: For Beijing, about two or three hundred thousand units each, the total amount of about 

100 million is scientific. Has now cast so many bikes, but many areas or in short supply, so there 

is room for delivery.

Looking for China Boxer: the end of last year, ofo, mobike have been put to overseas markets, bluegogo

 also carried out follow-up, in the domestic city coverage is not sufficient, why would 

want to go to sea?

Li Gang: overseas market is actually a commercial exploration, the domestic volume, overseas to

 make money. Domestic now we are free, and in overseas we are 1 dollar half an hour, the income is

very impressive; In addition, the sea is buried in the heart of the Chinese people a dream, the 

Internet PC era is copy to china, China is completely backward ; Mobile Internet era, Silicon 

Valley and Beijing are evenly matched, and the future of things networking, artificial intelligence 

era, China must be against the world, we want to bring out the Chinese model to achieve copy from 


Four factors determine the cycling war situation

Looking for China Crew: Do you think that different sharing between the bike platform, in the end 

in the competition what factors?

Li Gang: This battle has four factors very important: money, density, product, operational 

efficiency. But the density is not a decisive factor, because the density can be catching up; 

product design is very important, because the shared bicycle is hardware, and software is different,

 the software out of the The problem can also be upgraded, the car once cast out, with problems are 

not changed; the final operation efficiency, if there is no operation and scheduling, car usage and 

activity will be limited.

Looking for Chinese Crew: As a player after the entry, do you think in these four points you still 

have the opportunity to lead it?

Li Gang: share the battle to today, seemingly has a very fast leader, but such as products, the 

hair has an advantage, competitors exposed problems, we can get rid of from the outset.

Looking for China Crew: On the operational efficiency, do you think the ideal state, shared bicycle 

operation should achieve what effect?


Li Gang: In the operational effect, I will generally focus on two figures, one is the number of 

vehicles per day, one is the proportion of the overall use of the vehicle. Each car every day to 

use the number of times is 3 times the passing line, and now the average number of each blue car 

cycle for 5-6 times / day. While the overall use of the proportion of 70% is the ideal state, the 

use of small blue cycling is also in the vicinity of this value fluctuations.

Looking for Chinese Crew: What can I do to improve these two values?

Li Gang: a lot of factors will affect the fluctuations of these two figures, the first is the car 

damage, like no electricity, and was likely to be affected by the possession; the second is the car 

scheduling, if the scheduling does not directly affect the car The use of efficiency; Third, the 

delivery area of the car is also very important, subway stations, CBD use ratio will be higher.

Therefore, the need to share the bicycle platform to invest a lot of manpower to carry out 

scheduling and operation and management. Usually in a city put 100,000 vehicles, at least 50 

full-time staff with 100 part-time staff to complete the basic operation and maintenance work.

Next spring is the point of life and death

Looking for Chinese Crew: In the shared cycle of this war, do you think there are some key points 

in time?

Li Gang: There are two time turning points in the next year. The first is July and August this year,

 and now a lot of platforms with a bicycle frame, like theo, Mobike Lite are. Iron car frame is the 

biggest problem after a few rain began to rust, deformation, so in July and August after a few rain,

 basically all the iron frame car will be a large area of scrapped, especially in Beijing Of the 

battlefield, our frame is all aluminum, the latest pro 2 or carbon fiber frame.

The second inflection point is next year to March, this is the life and death point, survival 

depends mainly on product quality, winter weather is cold, ride less, it is easy to break. And many 

platforms of the car is in accordance with the design life of 1 year, at that time should also 

change the car.

Looking for China Crew: We have preliminary statistics, the market at least 24 shared bicycle 

platform, do you think this market can accommodate several?

Li Gang: 3 home. Now it seems that many people are doing, in fact, estimated to be able to put more 

than 10,000 vehicles on the platform without a few, can put the order of 100,000 less.

Find a Chinese boxer: why is it three?

Li Gang: 3 is a magical figure, a lot of areas, the final survival into the decisive battle are 

three, take-away, video, local life and other fields are the Big Three hegemony, take-away is three 

(US group, hungry, Baidu), the city Life (people, 58 city, go to the network), a taxi (drop, fast, 

Uber) is also three,

Looking for China Boxer: Since you know will eventually be eliminated, why so many people to 

squeeze in?

Li Gang: now into the more than 20 platforms, some are like "stroke", and some are to "speculation",

 may be to VC, or be acquired.

Looking for China Crew: At this point in time, the new bureau to do sharing the opportunity to have 

a bike?

Li Gang: basically there is no chance. First of all to take the money before the two have been 

finished, and the remaining slip through the net is also the second echelon of several took away. 

In the capital side is already no extra money; second supply chain is now in a saturated state, 

there is no excess capacity.

Looking for Chinese Crew: Are entrepreneurs engaged in sharing electric cars, do you think this 

direction fly?

Li Gang: not very optimistic. For example, in the drip has not yet started to drive, bus, there are 

a lot of people to do on behalf of the drive and bus, but the drop began to do, those companies are 

dead. In other words, if I have a larger platform, the number of users reached tens of millions, 

there is a more just need products, minutes can be my advantage transferred to the low-frequency 

product line.

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