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Why Choose Cycling

Why choose a bike?

Why travel long distances?

Why would there be such a strong determination of the firm conviction?

Why so persistent pursuit?

Because they play bikes like other riders ride the value of million bicycles, such as engaging in 

audiovisual effect enthusiasts pursue the climax configuration?

Because to flee from the short-term Yin Feng Yang fake flattery foolishly secular it?

Is to feel the loneliness of the wilderness in the hardships?

Is because to get the cold steel city of cement in the snow-friendly car riders happy, joy?

Is to experience the wind to make every effort is still like a snail-like before the line?

Is it because to seek such as the clouds in the mountains in the moment that the pleasure of losing


Is it because you want to enjoy the burning after a second exposure to peeling it?

Is to enjoy the day after the storm, such as white foam back feet of pig's trotters it?

Is it because you want to taste when hungry, whether good or bad food, clean gobbled potatoes or


Is it because in order to ride in the difficult obstacles in honing their physical and mental it?

Is it because of beliefs and dreams?

Because in this way in the back look behind the walk?

Whenever I look back through the road behind, and then looked at the front of the road at the end 

of I do not know. Think of such as Qu Yuan's famous saying, "the road is far from Xiu Xiu, I will 

be from top to bottom and quest."

Why should each cyclist stick to it,

Perhaps some people do not understand us all my life!

Those who ride in the blue sky between the day, only know how tired big breathing space for fresh 


Stopped to limbs limp embrace the earth, how simple happiness Yeah, completely forget how complex 

and tired people, just like the fish just as playful.

We are so simple, a simple creatures between heaven and earth. Ride your own journey, feel their 

own vividly it.

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