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To WeChat For The Media Growth Rate Of 200% Mobike Cycling Gratifying Results

But just a year's time, sharing the bike to grow into the most prosperous mobile Internet applications. I believe a lot of investors, the industry and the media will be very concerned about:

27, the domestic authority of the third-party data research institutions speed research institute released "the first quarter of 2017 domestic shared bicycle market research report." The report shows that the motorcycles have occupied 57% of the shared bicycle market share, and since March 29, when the full access to WeChat since the suspension of the number of active users in April increased by more than 200%, just a month 24 million registered users. Obviously, the motorcycles cycling to the overall advantage of rolling opponents, sharing the overall situation of cycling has been set.

Many people have an impression, and now, eyeful of orange and yellow almost become a shared bicycle "theme color". And from the data point of view, the motorbike and the sharing of bicycles are indeed sharing the bike area absolute two "superpower".

However, even the "superpower", there is a huge gap between.

mobike (2).jpg

The speed report shows that the market share of the motorbike is nearly 57%, the OFO is 30%, and the market share of the motorbike is almost twice that of of. The Baidu Index is 42862, the WeChat index of 7.45 million, came in the first place; the second is the OFO, Baidu index and WeChat index are less than half of the worship.

The report also shows that in the first quarter, the motorcycles in the first quarter, close to 60 million, leading industry second place of about 24 million, ranking first in the industry.

In terms of user awareness and favorability, it is known that the users of the motorcyclists account for 24.3%, nearly 1/4, OFO awareness of 19.4%, less than 1/5. Users are concerned about sharing the bike of the bike, the motorcycles once again lead, more than 64%, while the only 35.6% ofo.

Obviously, even in the first square of the shared bicycle, the motorbike bikes also left theo to the point where it was difficult to catch up. At the same time, has been fully intelligent Ma Bai, is the major cities in full swing comfortable high, high sense of science and technology burst, the kinetic energy greatly enhanced. And in the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission on the shared bicycle for comments, a clear request to share the bike must be installed satellite positioning device, and "timely exit does not meet the quality standards of vehicles", the development ofoo encountered great obstacles, and may even fall short.

Strength and potential has been ranked first in the industry's motorcycles, in the policy support and access to WeChat this "super entrance" help in the context of growth is not only reduced, but has been in another explosive growth stage. Shared cycling "Rainbow War" Although not yet the end, but the king has been meteoric rise.

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