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There Are Many Bike Sharing Company In India Now

India has recently shared as many as five bike owners in India and started cycling in different locations. Due to traffic congestion in India, high pollution and other issues, the industry is expected to India share a huge potential bicycle market.

Indian-owned cyclists include Ola Pedal from taxi company Ola Pedal from Zoomcar, PEDL from Zoomcar, and two cycling tests at the HSR Special Zone in Bangalore at the Kanpur campus at the Indian Institute of Technology. Other Yulu operators including InMobi, the mobile advertiser, Mobycy and Wheelstreet.

Shared biking in India generally favors the model of a taxi company. Users ride from point A to point B without having to rent or return cars by any means, allowing users to commute to public transport stations. Ola and Zoomcar's bicycles are equipped GPS device, the user can plan in the App driving directions, choose to rent a bike location.

India to learn from China, to share cycling into the Warring States Period

In addition to local businesses, there are many foreign companies that have invested in the cycling market in India. Nextbike in Germany, in cooperation with India's Chartered Speed, runs bicycles in 100 cities.

Akash Gupta, CEO of Mobycy, said India's $ 1 billion bike market is shared because of the many challenges transportation in India faces, sharing bicycles to provide another short-haul transport and increasing the public's choice of cycling for fun or sports.

India to learn from China, to share cycling into the Warring States Period

However, the market size of India is still different from that of other countries. Ofo will launch 1,000 bicycles in Seattle of the United States in 2017, while New York-based Citi Bike will have 10,000 bicycles and 230,000 users, making it the largest player in the United States While there are 2.35 million bicycles in the city of Beijing, China, with 11 million users, equivalent to the population of 20% in the city.

Both Beijing-based motorcycle and Ofo, both invested over $ 1 billion and had a total of 3 million daily users in 34 cities, but India's shared bicycle has not been heavily invested yet.

India to learn from China, to share cycling into the Warring States Period

mobike (2).jpg

According to CEO Greg Moran, Zoomcar CEO, while cycling is a common means of transport for Indian citizens, it is necessary to share bicycles and to think that sharing bicycles will replace motor vehicles and become the new choice for short-range transport vehicles.

The bicycle market in India is estimated at about 1.2 billion U.S. dollars and the bicycle production is about 15 million vehicles annually. Sanjay Nath, a partner at Blume Ventures, also said that sharing a bike or creating a large bike network is one of the most needed infrastructures in India.

India to learn from China, to share cycling into the Warring States Period

Jaspal Singh, a partner at Valoriser Transport Consultants, believes Indian operators are not in a hurry to run their bicycles across the country. Rather, they pick up several transit stations such as subway stations, train stations or bus stops to test market responses, Learn from the one hand.

But India's first challenge of sharing bicycles will be the lack of a dedicated road infrastructure, which Jaspal said could hinder the company's scale. The Indian government and businesses will have to help expand bicycle trails or increase the number of places to park. Sanjay said the market in India will take three to five years to scale up.

Ola and Zoomcar's bike is equipped with GPS device, users can plan travel path within the App, choose to rent a bike location.

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