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The Second Quarter Of Mobike, Ofo Shared Bikes: The Deposits Are Dead.

3.15 At the evening party, the issue of deposits for shared bicycles was finally put on the spot by CCTV. As a multi-billion financing industry, there is not even a single company that cherishes the "national brand plan." This point, even the realization of "e renting treasure" and "" cannot achieve this.

However, after all, the lid on shared bicycles was opened. China Consumers Association used the data to beat the dogs and disclosed 34 closed shared bicycle platforms, leaving a 1 billion yuan deposit black hole. However, for the vast majority of the market, Mobike bicycles and ofo bicycles have not been mentioned.

1. Do you have any misappropriation of a deposit on a shared bicycle?

On November 29, 2017, Blue Whale TMT broke the news that “Mobai and Ofo have been in a hurry and have begun to misappropriate user deposits to fill the gap and fill a total amount of up to RMB 6 billion.” Subsequently, both Mobike and Ofo responded by emphasizing Business operations are normal, and users can smoothly withdraw their deposits at any time, but they have not responded positively whether they have misappropriated the user’s deposit.

However, in October 2016, the responsible person of Mobai said in an interview with the “Rule of Law Weekend” that “from a financial point of view, the company will also conduct some more conservative operations on this fund, such as buying some of the lower risk. The financial products.” From this perspective, the user’s deposit has indeed been misappropriated.

Although as early as the beginning of 2017, the relevant companies had vowed that the deposit was deposited by a third-party bank account, but this was basically a case of deceiving people. Opening special accounts and supervising expenditures by banks were two things. In fact, the deposit of such a large amount of billions has long been not managed in accordance with the operating deposit. Instead, it should be managed in accordance with the "Commercial Prepaid Card," and provide mortgages or surrender deposits on a pro-rata basis, and be supervised by the corresponding agencies.

It is no surprise that government supervision has always been the end of the incident.

Second, sharing bikes do not charge a deposit?

Recently, individual companies have joined hands with the credit information platform to clamor and demand that the bikes of Mobai and Ofo share a credit-free bike ride.


Because, if the new user can save the deposit, the old user will withdraw the deposit. The original shared bicycle is the model of East Novi. If, for example, a deposit payment is really difficult, this is in the shared bicycle industry. It is no longer a case, it will trigger a greater chain reaction of the capital chain, the upper reaches of the supply stop, the downstream delay in payment, the investor and the bank emergency frozen circulating funds.

Bankruptcy is a matter of minutes - it is a normal commercial bank. Without the support of the central bank, it can not resist the run.

Sharing a bike as a man-made colossus, in the event of a bankruptcy, many people's faces are not so good.

Therefore, there has been a strange phenomenon: the new shared bike platform does not receive a deposit, local governments are not allowed to put it; Mobiya and ofo charge a deposit, but local governments are out of force to help them pick up broken cars to engage in services.

So ah, it's too big to fail. As to how much security is needed? If you look at Anbang, you know that if you have assets, you have to tell a story, such as the new four inventions.

Third, supervision does not work, how do ordinary people do?

At some point in time, the government was extremely vigilant against this type of business model, which was based on deposits.

Henan once had a “read and read to read a book club”. In each community, a 500 yuan per year deposit book can be opened for free, precipitated a large amount of funds to play futures, made a windfall, and created a famous “three reading fundraising model”. Although its founders were eventually jailed, the successors, such as Jiang Zhizhi, even though there were reports of new writers, but in the context of “innovation + entrepreneurship”, there was a great deal of supervision with no probability.

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