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The New Regulations Require A Total Of 50 People With 50 People May Be Equipped With 500 People Are Not Enough

Since the sharing of bicycles since the hot has been the formation of an industry, public 

information shows that the current market has dozens of shared bicycle companies, including 

industry leader in the rapid development of business, covering multiple cities across the 

country, sharing the management and regulation of bicycles The problem needs to be solved. 

The number of local cities to share the explosive growth of bicycles, there has been rapid 

expansion, to seize the market, the phenomenon of disorderly delivery. Its exposure to the 

crazy expansion, disorderly parking and other issues have attracted the attention of regulators.

Recently, Beijing, Tianjin, respectively, released a shared bicycle specification development 

guidance or interim approach. Both specifications require sharing of bicycles equipped with 

satellite positioning devices and a stringent standard for the ability to share bicycle vehicle 

supervision, while setting access and exit mechanisms. Non-compliant shared bicycle companies 

will not be admitted or forced to withdraw from the market.

In this regard, most experts believe that this cut in the "key", will be to promote the 

development of bicycles to promote the development of an important external force. In addition, 

ofo and so do not meet the above requirements of the core of the shared bicycle business, under 

the pressure of the New Deal is likely to have to recall or destroy the problem vehicles, and 

speed up the pace of intelligent technology layout. This is regardless of the right or on the 

yellow car users safe riding angle, are of great benefit.


Among them, the Tianjin Interim Measures provides that in Tianjin to provide Internet rental 

service business enterprises in Tianjin should be set up service agencies, should have their 

management needs to adapt to the needs of online and offline services, fixed office space, 

operation and maintenance personnel and Business executives, each with 10,000 Internet rental 

bicycles equipped with no less than 50 service personnel.

It is understood that sinceo has entered the city market, has so far entered more than 40 cities, 

connecting more than 3 million shared bicycles, however, because there is no smart lock and gps 

function, the user destroyed and the phenomenon of private vehicles have occurred, therefore, ofo 

shared The loss and damage to the bicycle is much more serious than the other shared bikes.

Recently, according to the Beijing News reported that Beijing's Chaoyang District, a maintenance 

point, 300 meters on both sides of the road piled up with tens of thousands of vehicles to recover 

the maintenance of the shared bicycle, maintenance master said, sent to repair the vehicle too 

much, the speed of maintenance Not to mention the speed of the repair. And the maintenance point 

of this situation is not a case. On the 23rd, Ofo co-founder Zhang Biding told reporters in private

 exchanges that the proportion of vehicles that were actually maliciously destroyed was small and 

that the bigger question was that the user had to take the vehicle for himself.

Because there is no gps positioning, can not rely on the location of the location of the vehicle 

positioning, ofo in order to recover the damaged vehicles, to retrieve the vehicle was privately, 

or the vehicle scheduling, it can only rely on the operation and maintenance staff streets, In 

the car, find how much is how much. It is understood that each maintenance master at most one day 

will be able to repair 30-40 Department of traffic; and no gps, to the streets to find a car is a 

troublesome and laborious work, according to this situation, each with 50 A maintenance personnel 

I am afraid that does not meet the ofo, Xiaobian feel at least every million with 500 people can 

barely meet the operation of the vehicle operation.

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