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The Global First Stationless Bike Sharing Company Mobike Entre KunMing

On January 8, the world's first intelligent shared bicycle Mobike officially landed in Kunming to 

start trial operation, Kunming has become the Moebay following Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, 

Shenzhen, Chengdu, Ningbo, Xiamen, Foshan, Wuhan, after entering The 10th city. Prior to this, 

Wing On and OFO two shared bicycle was in 2016 into the Kunming, Kunming has a total of three

 shared bicycles for public rental.

Mobike is the world's first smart shared public bicycle project, the public use the mobile phone to

 download APP, the user registered account and pay a deposit of 299 yuan, you can search and use 

the smart phone scan code to unlock the bike, smooth Kunming city .

In addition to the legitimate non-motorized parking spots outside the residential area and the 

corridor, users can park the Mobike bicycle on the road with the same type of bicycle. Side of the 

bicycle parking lock to leave, to facilitate the next user to use. And follow-up to use the 

traditional bicycle technology is different from the Mobike bicycle manufacturing car thinking R & D,

 maintenance-free for four years to design the classic models of the Mobike cycle, the use of solid 

tires, no inflation, but also to avoid a puncture risk. Body with aluminum alloy stamping, put an 

end to the rust problem; vehicle shaft transmission instead of the chain, to avoid the traditional 

bicycle "lost chain" problem.

The industry believes that in the shared cycling boom, many low-cost cycling brand in the streets, 

but is expected to operate a few months later, damaged, dilapidated low-cost system will take a 

large number of urban cycling city streets, affecting the image of the city, Product design that is

 part of the solution is to maintain low maintenance or even maintenance-free problems, so as to 

ensure the rapid expansion of Mobike ability and cost control.

In addition, due to the full use of Mubai has more than 20 patented smart lock technology, so that 

the ability of the bicycle to operate the refinement of the management of bicycles, parking and 

other issues can quickly intervene with and assist the government to Urban management requirements;

 through GPS and smart locks, as well as credit points and repair system, Mobike cycle can operate 

the vehicle for rapid recovery and rapid maintenance, so as to maintain the overall vehicle safety 

and reliability, which makes the Mobike bicycle has a unique Strategic advantage.

According to Qiu Zhongjie, Mobike plans to put tens of thousands of bicycles in the main four 

districts of Kunming (Guandu District, Xishan District, Wuhua District, Panlong District) and 

Chenggong New Town, covering the whole city area of Kunming. Bike return to the concept of the city

, "and actively promote the local government and enterprises to work closely with the public to 

promote green travel, combined with their own products and Yunnan local characteristics, to make 

more sharing of cycling and local tourism, national culture and innovation , Build a beautiful city.

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