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Smart Vs Tradition, Really It Is A Battle Relates Bike?

At the beginning of any new things are bound to suffer more or less challenge and criticism, there 

is no criticism of this sentence mean, people have skeptical point of view, to some extent, but 

also optimize the driving force things.

Therefore, the concept of smart bike came out, "traditionalists" and "Smart " camp will be formed 

immediately, and the former with the traditional means of transport bicycles bikes, exercise bikes

 mountain bikes and other non-smart in the traditional sense, represented the latter in new 

intelligent bike represented, each support their own heart of love, and deeply suspicious of the 

other side's point of view. Looks like a battle on a bicycle, this started.


Intelligent word on what seems, on the very spot where the tall, take the phone analogy, as a 

modern holding your hand either smart machines, you are not a man of the times, is a being Social

rejection divorced man, in short, everyone with strange eyes look at you, you do not understand,

even despise you.


but! How the machine functions! Dude, remember when you first step in life Nokia, Motorola Why? 

Then the phone just a communication tool, not "bow family", "communication barrier", "mobile phon 

syndrome", people focus on doing one thing and not be distracted smartphone. Moreover bike is 

completely different from the phone, it is more there is a sports and culture.

Therefore, the smart is not necessarily perfect, riding pleasure that the heart rather than the 

tool, one of the world's top bicycle similar to the familiar MARMOT Groundhog bikes have been 

sufficient to meet all the needs of my riding right, cool appearance, function is superior , 

exercise, environmental carbon, I can ride it feel sweat dripping fun, freedom, spiritual 

relaxation wind ...... this happiness is realized, then, why should I have to go change it?

Or riding a bike in the final analysis is only a tool movement, its meaning is to help people 

achieve the purpose of fitness or riding, fitness riding this is a very simple matter, so there is

no intelligent bike, as long as the superior performance, styling beautiful, it has been enough, is

 too cumbersome, not a bike, might as well just buy an electric car. So as a sports and fitness 

bike is based on the presence of more culture, so-called smart bicycle can not be replaced, most 

intelligent cycling can plunder only the bicycle as a tool for leisure travel that part of the 



"Smart bike", agree that the premise is: you have to understand that it is not a gimmick, it is a 

huge change, but the essence is still the bicycle. Meaning bicycle intelligence field, of course, 

will not replace the human, change the autopilot and the like, one foot is no longer required to 

contribute to smart bike, people will lose the fun of riding. So smart bike is actually an increase

 in riding safety, abundant fun riding a bike, it should be the biggest difference is the use of 

high-tech means to optimize and improve the existing lack of riding experience.

An intelligent bicycle Representative said:. "Smart but this time we said the law on such popular 

smart phone just came out called smart phones, mobile phones are now called, because of smart 

phones, smart looks like it would have on , bicycles, too. the basic concept is a good product 

need to comply with the characteristics of an era. "the implementation of collaboration by phone 

APP and bicycle to the bike achieve passage that, among other functions, which is also regarded 

as a manifestation of bicycle intelligence. "You do not call it intelligence, it does not matter, 

we have to do is the age of the bike, the bicycle belonging to this era, to better help you get 

more done. Smart is not smart, essence, or bike."

For a ride to optimize the experience and not contrary to the nature of riding a new product, and 

we certainly look forward to warm up.

In summary, the conventional bicycle or, smart bike worth mentioning, the parties are convinced of

their point of view, this seems to be a battle relating to bicycles, still bustling forward, and 

for the future of smart bike, Tell me, how is that you see it?

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