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Smart Riding Entrepreneurship: Which Mode Is Risk?

For cycling enthusiasts, smart ride should be their dream. But behind the now popular concept of smart bike, the bike is still more intelligent capital of just being favorable, the user is currently more out of a wait state. Windy, entrepreneurs production of "pig" does not fly overhead, and sales did not end with the product itself caused the user's attention and buying binge, what are the reasons behind this?

I believe that the focus on hardware cost countries, smart bike on the price is difficult to make user-generated impulses early adopters, now, an ordinary bicycle is a few hundred pieces, but the price has now released some relevant crowdfunding projects overseas point of view, the offer smart bike unlikely civilians, Common may also reach around a thousand dollars or even a few thousand, it is said the main cost of millet smart bike is 997 yuan, but has not yet been confirmed. Due to the support of sensors and systems operation or use of electric power, these factors lead to high cost of smart bike, untold cost price.

But in the end, to the smart bike bicycle in the future is bound to become a trend. But for those who have passion for the bicycle art smart entrepreneurs, at the present time to vent, select whether you want to cut this area a business? Or, to enter the field of smart riding, startups should choose what kind of models and styles of play?

Two kinds of games are played smart riding entrepreneurship

For now, the smart entrepreneur riding has two modes, one is the vehicle design, from the design of the bicycle into the vehicle's intelligent devices throughout the R & D investment, and are connected through smart chip or smart device APP and bicycles . One is the only smart accessory, the accessory mounted on the body of a traditional bicycle, the bicycle is connected by APP and user data.

Play smart Bicycles design startups have BiCi. BiCi this smart bicycle is characterized, in the body of the vehicle built-in smart chip, installed sensors, BiCi help navigate the rider, record riding data, including the rider's physiological data, heart rate, cadence and so on. In addition, there are the traditional bicycle industry players to enter the field of intelligent self-bike revolution, for example, Giant and other traditional bicycle manufacturers, these so-called intelligent smart bicycle is to provide data sharing, health aides, social networking, GPS navigation and security functions.

Look at the second play, do bicycle accessories + APP smart startups. The sport has Omni cycling,let us look at it.

Omni smart bicycle stem mounted on the bike stem position,capable of recording riding speed, mileage, time and other information bicycle, those data can be synchronized with the beast riding App, realized the ride data comprehensive record, riding community, navigation, anti-lost, safety lights and other core functions.

Cycling Accessories Light mode low cost price advantage can quickly obtain the user community formed play.

We found that bicycles do intelligent vehicle design advantage over ordinary bicycles, plus a smart accessory is connected to APP and on the bike, riding the needs of users in the process, such as navigation, data, and other health through an integrated system made and record mileage, slope and other data. We see, Giant and other traditional bicycle manufacturers introduced "smart bike" just add a few sensors, or focus on core functional bike itself and riding comfort. In fact, this does not constitute a premium beyond its traditional bike several times or even ten times.

We spectator point of view to observe the substance of these two modes of discovery, whether it is made complete bicycles or bicycle parts do startups, their standard of play is the same, namely hardware + APP. The difference is that the vehicle is involved in playing all the hardware components to the bicycle design and development + APP. 

After all, APP and riding with accessories and can be seen as a bike rider's an interactive window. Parts from the start, talk about subversion, will be transformed into conventional bicycle bike riding experience with intelligent may be more in line with market demand. Main parts lower cost, allowing early adopters part of the user, after the user scale accumulation in APP clients to obtain greater price stickiness.

Thus, the main mode of lighter intelligent riding accessories, get subscribers faster, cost advantages can be quickly formed to obtain the user community play. Some manufacturers have to ride through the main social software + hardware manner, by injecting interest social features to increase user stickiness. In case of APP ride riding about function, by looking at the nearby 'eggs' and contact persons involved in the surrounding community activities, but also get the Medal way through riding chart form gameplay interest polymerization riding community. But the key point is whether riding APP to create a community can really drive users to share content and production, the aim is to make the community embrace people also need follow-up operations, channels and revitalize riding App marketing community vitality, which is The essential. If the user to share and contribute content to the lack of a sense of participation, interest in social patterns tend to sink quickly.

For start-up team, choose a relatively lighter bike smart accessories from start mode, to a certain extent, can avoid some of the risks of uncertainty. Bicycles do Risk Intelligence from a wide range of R & D, it needs to do and vehicle adaptation, development of standards and logic, a long period, the current situation of the industry of intelligent electric assist bike, road planning and precise navigation, self adaptive lighting system so requires continuous efforts and improvement.

Smart bike once mass production, once the product appears flawed, often resulting in a number of studies and subsequent transformation of parts, resulting in the loss of resources. Bicycles intelligent design in addition to non-controllable costs, there is tremendous pressure on the industry chain. Intelligent hardware entrepreneurs after entry found intelligent bicycle water is too deep, he said:. "From the saddle to the handlebar, I selected from thousands of sets of a" smart bike related to hardware support too long and thin, industry chain problems are outside the control of the entrepreneur.

One additional risk capital from the chain. For many fledgling entrepreneurs, non-controllable costs to seek external financial support may be a very natural thing. But involved in smart riding accessories industry and the amount of financing involved are relatively small, small boat U-turn, controllable costs, such as the market retail price of eggs is only in the hundred. The current technology has obtained a novice investor Cai Hu angel round of investment, valuation has reached 30 million, "riding the beast" APP get one million dollar angel investors Xu Xiaoping. For intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, blood transfusion and controllable cost capital chain can ensure the stability of future products continue to improve and the team, the future for support in the process of rapid development resources while, at the same time to avoid the giant competition.

Core vehicle design is cool design, futuristic and feelings. Of course, this is the future trend of development, there are entrepreneurs said that every aspect of the design of the bike should have figured out, in order to make smart sense. But now, with the timing have yet to air, the traditional bicycle still has broad market demand, the stock market is large. Currently available on the market or the main smart bike concept and design, and intelligence, and not enough to support a user driven at high prices to buy smart bike desires.

For cycling enthusiasts flagship product, the user experience first need to foster "smart" diet, and bicycle accessories smart undoubtedly better to try, and there are bicycles for people to add a bike accessories, you can make it intelligent. Of course, capital-technical users the advantages of the Internet giant platform the client has, often long-term perspective, the future trend of a card without fear in front of trial and error, but the entrepreneur is a pit. At the moment, for the smart bike is concerned, even worse from a hot air, it is in the market cultivation stage, for small and medium entrepreneurs in the field of smart bike, in order to achieve the leap from 0-1, and n is the mode smart riding accessories stand in the air "pig."

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