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Smart Bicycle Should Have APP And Hardware

I know one team released a "smart bicycle". Not surprisingly, since already heard. In fact, when I decide do smart bicycle, I already give the team set up two "whatevers": Those who promote cycling we firmly support, all cycling enthusiasts are our friends. However, when understand the specific content of the team on the conference, I was really angry. Simply look at  the basic content of this conference: first,  cooperater with another company, together create a smart bike. Second, the introduction of bicycle defined as urban recreational vehicles, but the main function is safety lights, navigation, cadence & heart rate sensor and a separate APP. Looked at a picture of cool photos and concept, I can not help but want to ask the product manager of a bicycle, "do you ever ride?" If it is the city recreational vehicles, why add such a complex and cool features exaggerated form, Aunt grocery shopping really care about pedaling various data frequency heart rate ? If it is exercise bike, why choose  focus on the low end of  bicycle production partners? 

For smart and intelligent, funny, sad. Depending on the fact, then do not fucking Internet thinking molested bike culture! The entire conference is filled with fast-paced and never ride herd over the Internet from their home Internet YY. But it really is not a simple bike capital game, really need is love driving, quietly let the user make a favorite product. The most critical is that biking carries a culture, which is why "Omni cycling" always with awe in the product development process. Bike culture - body and soul depth dialogue I do not know if I count as a standard cycling enthusiasts. The first long-distance riding five years ago, and my best friend is now a partner riding ring Hainan Island, just starting downpour was shot in the mountains. Together we hid under a banana leaf extremely embarrassed, never think of today, five years later, we were creating a "Omni cycling", a focus on cycling sports software and hardware companies.

I like a man riding quietly, listening to the sound of the tire friction with the ground, controlling my breathing, feeling the joy of physical overdraft continuously exceed brought spiritually. Every soul is washed on a long ride, so I know more about myself, a better understanding of life. A seat looking over the mountain to enjoy the beauty of riding over a section, more inner peace and satisfaction, which is another round of feeling hurried world. In my opinion, riding is no only means "simple" "faster, higher, stronger." Bike culture, is this healthy and fashionable lifestyle. When we tired of rush city life, an extraordinary day upset, riding brought us depth dialogue is a body and soul, is the thinking is lonely, is satisfied. The best way to "APP + Accessories" is cycling intelligent.

I am a cycling vigorously intelligent person, but for a smart bike always had reservations. Smart cycling bike never equal intelligence. It can be said, it is just a manifestation of intelligent bike cycling intelligent. Current smart bike is too much like busybodies built on the various needs of Internet products. No clear audience of users, there is no clear functional demands, not a good experience. If you use a cell phone accessories APP or a bicycle can be achieved most intelligent features, so many companies that want to invest so much manpower and resources to do.

"APP + Accessories" is the basic concept of intelligent logic Omni always respected. Only the use of intelligent control accessories collected various data and APP to build powerful ride riding community in order to achieve the most rapid cycling intelligent this fundamental goal. Definitely not smart bike itself. Imagine, for those who care about cycling intelligent, they will spend thousands of dollars to buy a new quality to be verified smart bike, or buy a trusted brand bicycle plus a few hundred pieces intelligent control. So why are so many companies will choose smart bike? The answer is simple, so ambitious project, with the boss a good cross, with good account of shareholders, investors with a good scam. If you can speak the feelings, the better. Only after the tide receded, before we know who is swimming naked. Group cycling sport forever with awe enthusiasts say so much, in fact, are not presented "Omni Cycling" Who is? This is a group of cycling sport forever with awe enthusiasts, trying to ride into the lives of everyone. In addition Omni smart APP has been on the line, Omni Smart core of intelligent control devices, and mass production will be landing soon. This is a perfect installation in every bicycle intelligent control devices, with APP use, easy to achieve comprehensive data recording riding, riding community, navigation, anti-lost, safety lights and other core functions. 

The ads do here. Because, Expecting is more wonderful than anything else. 2016 is the first year of the smart bike, intelligent hardware will also be a turning point. Capital market-driven model will eventually unable to move fast in the field of intelligent hardware. Because every bit of the achievements of hardware products are derived from the heart of love, every trace of precipitation literary feelings are a thousand times. Forget the beginning of the heart, was always square. Slow, that is fast.

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