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Small Yellow Bike Ofo Cost Exposure: The Purchase Price Of 224 Rmb Per Bike

A small yellow bike ofo bike purchase contract in the social network exposure: ofo order the ballet 

lady bike tax ex-factory price of 224 yuan per item.

As of press time, ofo not yet responded to Tencent Financial claims on the authenticity of the 

contract request.

Contract shows that the operation of the company Beijing Beike Locke Technology Co., Ltd. to 

Tianjin, a bicycle business procurement 26-inch ballet Miss OEM bicycles 5000, the total contract 

amount of 1.12 million yuan.


The contract provides that ofo need to pay a deposit of 168,000 yuan, the deposit ratio of 15%. 

After the completion of the production of the number of bicycles per batch of payment, when the 

last batch of delivery, ofo to the supplier to pay the balance. From the contract number, the 

contract was signed in 2016.

In actual operation, each user must pay a deposit of $ 99 before using the ofo bicycle. In contrast, 

the competition for the competitor Moobay is $ 299

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