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Sharing Cycling Test Social Sharing Thinking

Today, sharing bicycles in many cities and alleys can be seen everywhere, has become convenient for

the public travel "last mile" convenient way of transport. However, the problem followed. In 

Beijing, there are uncle aunt circle lottery fees, the public use of shared bicycles were asked to 

pay the first vehicle care fees; in Chengdu, Students use the shared bicycle mechanical lock 

loopholes, can quickly unlock and teach each other experience. (According to the February 14 "

Beijing Youth Daily", surging news)

Sharing a bicycle in the domestic second - tier cities swept from, also less than six months. As a 

new form of shared economy, sharing bicycles not only solve the public "last mile" travel problems,

but also its convenient, environmentally friendly and other advantages, directly changed the way 

many people travel. But the problem followed, in addition to the news of the problems exposed, 

there are a lot of damage, paste the psoriasis ads, covering the two-dimensional code fraud, the 

installation of private locks accounted for their own ... ... In short, in the city Public 

management, leasing bike companies, public rental norms and other levels, there have been many new 


Shared economy as a new form of social economy, sharing the bike as a new life of urban life, 

large-scale landing at the beginning to lead to some new social problems, is reasonable in the. Is 

the so-called "the beginning of an era will inevitably lead to another era of loneliness", like a 

shared bicycle directly subvert many traditional industries, such as bicycle sales and maintenance;

its new form of form into the urban ecology, will also face Many unknown problems are even 

embarrassing. This new and old things change the law, and will not share the benefits of cycling 

more and more weak disappear.

But, even with the shared thinking as the starting point of the rental bike business, seems to have

not done enough to prepare and homework, rushed to the road. Such as sharing bicycles were 

rtificially watched tube charges, chaos stop, mechanical locks obvious loopholes, etc., the market 

operators in which more or less there are less than the shadow of the preparation. While the city's

public management, more like a sudden trip to the shared bicycle hit a surprise, slow lane, bike 

public parking point stretched. Some people deal with this shared economic new things, or do not 

care, or account for their own use, but also need to boycott common habits.

All these are not so much a decentralized attitude towards sharing bicycles, and it is immature to 

deal with the shared economic form, or the shared thinking of society needs to be cultivated and 

expanded. City public management on the sudden share of a large number of bicycles, but also some 

time to make the necessary adjustments. Leasing bike companies should also realize that not a large

number of bicycles into the market, the community can be an orderly sharing; and the public on the 

shared bicycle, can not only their own convenience and ignoring others. In the final analysis, 

social shared thinking needs to rule, order, trust as the cornerstone, and thus cultivate public 

civilization and contract spirit.

It is gratifying to note that the self-correction has begun. For example, there are leasing 

companies began to regulate the user behavior as part of corporate responsibility, to explore the 

use of GPS positioning and other technical means to solve the problem of user chaos, and the 

establishment of user "blacklist" and credit points system; , Will not be civilized riding and 

illegal parking into personal credit records, and proceed to plan the transformation of bike lanes.

To some extent, this is the sharing of social thinking and progress, rather than just solve the 

problem of sharing bicycles. Only social sharing thinking active, sharing bicycles and more after 

the sharing of new economic products, will be successfully integrated into the social life, to the 

public to bring new forms of welfare.

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