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Sharing Bibcock Enterprise Ofo Start 2017 City Strategy

January 11, shared bicycle industry leader of the 20 announced the start of the "2017 City Strategy"

, plans to January 22, the "one day a city" speed, in 10 days intensive access to 11 cities for 

local residents to provide shared bicycles Travel services.

From the year 2017 to date, ofo will speed up the pace of urban business layout, small yellow car 

has appeared in Hefei, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanjing, Chongqing street. Coupled with the city strategy 

from October last year, after the opening of the city of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, 

Chengdu, Xiamen, Kunming and other city services, ofo shared bicycle has covered 33 major cities 

nationwide, becoming the largest number of cities sharing bicycles, The most extensive platform. It

 is noteworthy that, ofo the number of cities covered by the market is almost 4 times the second.

Founder and CEO of Daowei Daewei said that in order to allow more urban residents to enjoy the 

convenience of small yellow car, ofo the first to share the concept of cycling and universal service

 to the national first and second tier cities and provincial capitals. Among them, Central China, 

East China, South China, West China and other regional distribution speed will be greatly accelerated. 

Expected to the Spring Festival, ofo will complete the comprehensive coverage of major cities in 

the country.

Dai Wei introduced, after the Spring Festival, ofo will cover the city increased to more than 100 

cities. Since October last year, officially opened the city strategy, ofo has erected a national 

team and supply chain coordination of the efficient operation system, the current bicycle production

 capacity has reached more than ten times the competitors, which foro rapid distribution of the 

country to provide a guarantee.

It is understood that the current ofo has connected 800,000 bicycles, more than the market share of

 the sum of other shared bicycle, while more than 10 million users to provide 100 million travel 

services. Ofo the amount of orders has also exceeded 1.8 million, becoming the Taobao, Lynx, the US

 group, hungry Mody, Jingdong, drops, easy to word of mouth, the ninth day of China orders over 

one million Internet platform. Relevant personage analysis, in terms of the number of cities opened, 

the number of bicycle connections, or from the user volume, the amount of orders and other data 

indicators, ofo have occupied the industry first.

Analysis of the industry said that after two years of deep plowing secret agents, ofo and the 

market share of other bicycle companies opened the gap, and gradually form a "strong dominance" 

situation. WithOn the line operation and maintenance team under the national scale, supply chain 

management is improving, with "light" and bring their own good hematopoietic ability, ofo or in 

2017 usher in full-blown.

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