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Shared Bicycle With A Three-dimensional Garage

Sharing bicycles solves the problem of "the last kilometer" of citizen travel, but disorderly parking has become a new hassle that plagued urban management. Metro station, near the door of the district, there are often surrounded by shared cycling scene. How to standardize the parking of bicycles has become a common concern of all sectors of society. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter saw a newly developed shared bicycle three-dimensional garage in Shougang City Transportation Co., which parked the bicycle in the air and could be said to provide a new mode for bicycle parking (right).

"Parking tree" for the scenic community

Yesterday, the three shared bicycles three-dimensional garage has been unveiled in Shougang Park, ongoing commissioning. They are a parking tree, a cloud garage and a round garage.

"Parking tree" looks like a big tree, a circular "canopy" like a big umbrella, can shade rain for the bicycle. Under the canopy, more than a dozen shared bicycles parked in a coded "tree branch". After the mobile phone scans the APP, the user can select a code to access the vehicle. Xiao Shukun, chief technology officer of Shougang city transport company, introduced "parking tree" is more suitable for scenic or residential areas, small footprint, people can walk from the "tree."

And "parking tree" is easy to integrate into the surrounding environment. If you install several "parking trees" near scenic spots or neighborhoods, it will not only solve the problem of sharing cycling, but also increase the landscape. Because the "parking tree" with a lighting system, night falls, it is itself a landscape.

"Cloud Library" to the subway station around the decompression

"Cloud Street" there is the meaning of the streets in the clouds, Xiao Shukun said that this is only tentative name. This bicycle parking garage can be attached to the side of the overpass, do not take up space on the ground. Pedestrians can access the vehicle under the flyover and the bicycle can be automatically moved in and out of the garage.

In the current urban planning, cross-street bridges are often close to the subway station, so "cloud library" put into use after the subway station can be around the decompression. The entire facility covers an area of only a few square meters at the foot of the "flyover", but can park at least 50 bicycles. Xiao Shukun introduction, if it is two-way four-lane highway flyover, equipped with "cloud library", can park up to 80 bicycles. Of course, the longer the flyover, the greater the capacity of the associated cloud library.


The roundabout can park more bicycles, is currently being debugged 8 meters in diameter, 8 to 9 meters high round tower garage, which is divided into five layers, can park more than 200 bicycles. Next, Shougang will also research and develop a smaller circular tower garage, but also can ease the current situation of limited parking area resources around the subway.

Three-dimensional garage is expected to begin pilot next year

Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that, at present, Shougang has six series of 13 mechanical three-dimensional garage and bus intelligent three-dimensional garage design and manufacturing capabilities to meet the individual needs of different venues, advanced technology, functional diversity, are At the leading domestic level.

Xiao Shukun said that the idea of sharing a bicycle stereo garage is also derived from a car stereo garage, but the bicycle is smaller and lighter, and the car garage has many differences. In this way, the bicycle can be "invited" into the air, which can effectively solve the parking problem and meet the demand for bicycle parking spaces in densely populated areas.

In order to facilitate user access to cycling, Shougang will also communicate with the shared bicycle company, or in the APP or the new parking garage page. Xiao Shu-Kun introduction, all bicycles three-dimensional garage, mobile phone APP can take the car, the entire process in 15 to 20 seconds or so.

Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that Shougang has now launched a bicycle parking garage technology upgrades and product updates will soon be based on the existing three parking garage launch of second-generation products, plans to start next year in Beijing pilot.

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