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Share Bicycle Ofo Into The Overseas First Batch To Put 20,000 Bikes

Share cycling to become the hottest Internet business projects in the second half of 2016, 

the rapid expansion overseas. December 23rd, ofof founder and CEO Dai Wei said, ofo will enter 

the overseas market, has developed an independent overseas APP (including Andrews, iOS version) 

submitted for review, the first batch of 20,000 bicycles, will be put in Silicon Valley, Google , 

Facebook and other parks, as well as the United Kingdom London and other European and American 


In overseas vehicles, DaiWei said, the vehicle and Shanghai Phoenix bicycle factory custom 

development, in domestic production, and then shipped to foreign delivery. According to the 

European and American riding habits and physical characteristics, vehicle size will be greater 

than the domestic, the cost is also a corresponding increase in the cost of each bicycle from 

production to delivery, customs clearance, delivery of about 100-120 US dollars.

  "Phoenix is a veteran of the bike manufacturers in Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia 

have very smooth export channel, we have to cooperate with 700bike before, but also want to connect

 a variety of bicycles," Dai Wei explained that in the C round of financing, The introduction of 

millet as a shareholder, millet eco-products have bicycles, but witho's cooperation is mainly the 

development of electronic parts, such as electronic locks.

 In terms of fees, Dai Wei said, ofo and VISA, MASTER, PayPal and other cooperation, the user must

 be bound to pay the credit card, the price is about one dollar per hour or one pound, but with the

 domestic difference is that overseas users do not pay deposit.

 Ofo in September this year to get tens of millions of dollars in financing, said the two sides 

 will be in technology, data, operations and other aspects of cooperation, said that is expected 

 to access drops platform, then announced C $ 130 million financing , The US hedge fund Coatue, 

CITIC Industrial Fund, Jingwei China are all drip investors, in the outside world, ofo and 

droplets are closely related.

  Drove had a lot of experience in overseas market development, investment in the United States, 

such as taxi software lyft, but in accepting the new financial Daiwei interview, said the expansion

 of overseas markets, did not rely on drops of resources is ofo independent, When the access drops 

drops APP, there is no clear timetable, "ofo mode is not GPS, the user to see the car to use, the 

logic of the logic with the drop platform is not the same as the logic, but recently we will drop 

Joint launch of some things. "

  Finance reporter learned that the founder of 700bike Zhang Xiangdong in this ofo to play an 

important role in the sea, many times from home and abroad to communicate and coordinate.

  For overseas markets to expand the sidewalk, DaiWei said, in different countries will be 

different strategies, overseas closed and semi-enclosed park is a very good scene, such as the 

Silicon Valley is from the park to start, but also Will be cut from the University, "Daewei told 

the new financial reporter, the domestic 500 million users in 60% of campus users, the number of 

vehicles put on campus also accounted for half of the total volume, the campus market Also 

contributed two-thirds of the share stationless system

  However, overseas cycling demand? Is there a shared bicycle mode? Dai Wei said that Google has 

been introduced in 2013 cycling products, bicycle locks are not installed, provided to their 

employees riding, followed by Twitter and Facebook have done a similar thing, but lost 80% of the 

car a year, "We Then there will be some cooperation with Google, there will be more technology out,

 such as with the location service.

  In addition, Dai Wei said, ofo not only with the domestic bicycle manufacturers, but also with 

many countries around the world bicycle manufacturers to establish an exclusive, exclusive 

cooperation, "the future of the global strategy is not only from the global export car, will have 

a global collaboration The internet."

  The other shared bicycle Moba and ofo on the standard of intense,bicycle gps lock after the two sides have been 

in the campus market, the city market several times in close combat, and has announced C round of 

financing, gunpowder flavor. Early November this year, there are foreign media reports, Mo worship 

plans to enter Singapore next year, the official opening up overseas markets, and into the scene is

 the campus. Asked whether the two competition will rekindle in Singapore, Dai Wei said, "wait and see."

  Dai said that as of now, ofo 350,000 bicycles have been put in the country, the amount of about 

500 million users in 24 cities to provide bicycle travel services, "the current number of trips 

has been 1.8 million, of which two-thirds of the amount from campus."

Previously, ofo co-founder Zhang Baoding in a new interview with Choi talked about the profit 

model of ofo, said the campus more than a year of operation, the average daily use of the number 

of vehicles per 10 bicycle bluetooth gps lock

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