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Ride Mobike Can Get Red Envelopes

If the need for free, then share the bike to do a good example.

Free riding has become a common means of sharing the cycling market competition, in addition to 

Mount Bibi and ofo, including small blue cycling and other brands have joined the free ride of the 


Riding a red envelope, Alipay or as the biggest winner

Free riding is to improve the frequency of users, but there is no way to solve the reasonable 

configuration of the bike, the bike is a reasonable scheduling is to share the cycling platform 

another big trick.

mobike (2).jpg

March 23, Mount Bokai began to try the practice of red envelopes, to guide users to participate in 

cycling scheduling.

Users only through the motorcycle can only see the red bicycles bike, according to locate the 

vehicle, and unlock the ride. Users enjoy the two-hour ride at the same time, you can also get 

1-100 yuan cash bonus bonus, the reward will be separated from the original account, the 

cumulative 10 yuan can be paid through the payment of cash.

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