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Only One: Bluegogo

In the major cities, sharing bicycles has been very common, the streets can be seen to share the 

bike beautiful figure, last May Mobike launched the motorcycles cycling, good quality, but the body

 weight 25kg very cumbersome, and ofo cycling rely on light to get the A lot of praise but not free

 networking, looking for inconvenience.

Bluegogo bicycle

At the same time, the beast riding to see the opportunity to create an independent brand Bluegogo 

(small blue bike), hoping to through benign competition, to bring you a more quality experience, in

 November last year, the beast was completed 150 million Yuan B financing, after the pure blue 

painted small blue bike stationed in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, two first-tier cities.

Before there are worship, after theo, little blue what kind of advantage? The idea of the original 

beast riding is to make small blue to build a cycling function in one step. First small blue in the

smart networking, so that the industry's top level, and the second advantage is that the design of 

the fast unlock "small tail."

Bluegogo bicycle

In addition to the technical advantages, the beast in the product upgrade and supply chain, also 

has its own advantages, product upgrades, the beast in the field of cycling research and 

development team, is able to withstand the test of time, and the supply chain, the beast can be 

leveraging 10% of the world's bicycle supply, the annual production capacity of 300-500 million 

units at full capacity, well prepared.

The beast team believes that although the small blue on the market time lag behind other bicycles, 

but the small blue is not the pursuit of the first, but with great concentration to improve product

 quality and service, so that consumers come to their own choice:

Small bluegogo


Bicycle strong sense of vibration mainly from: tires, car rings and three aspects of the frame. 

Mobike because of the use of a solid tire, there is no inflatable core, so poor in the shock, and 

the five-spoke magnesium alloy wheel, flexibility is also inadequate. So if the ride on the bumpy 

road, the rider will be a relatively large sense of shock.

And small blue with a rubber tire + PU solid inner tube combination, the comfort and durability of 

a good combination together, do not have to worry about puncture problems, but also more 

comfortable than the solid tires earthquake.


Matthew's front brake with a similar drum brake mode, poor performance, and the rear brake with 

electromagnetic brakes, if the line problems, it is likely that there will be brake failure, very 


The small blue brakes used in the hub of the built-in brake, rear brake is the roller brake, the 

braking is very good, and will not receive environmental impact, but also greatly reduces the cost 

of maintenance.



Mobike bike body weight of 25KG, for a girl in terms of moving will be very uncomfortable, riding is

also more laborious, relative, small blue bike 6061 aluminum alloy production, more lightweight, 

adapted to the city in the various Scene, encounter the ramp is not very difficult to ride.


Memorial bicycle seat can not be adjusted, no car basket, received a lot of users Tucao. And small 

blue car is fixed to the frame, to buy food and so very convenient. And the small blue bike with a 

highly adjustable anti-theft seat tube, large and comfortable silicone cushion, riding more 


Car lock design:

The original design of the small tail, the perfect fit the frame, and the use of high-intensity 

processing technology, with more advanced algorithms to optimize the GPS signal positioning, 

looking for precision, fast positioning.

In order to make the shared bicycle can be healthy and orderly development, to provide a more 

harmonious car environment, small blue bike also formally put forward the "shared bicycle fair 

competition civilized convention", agreed parties "three no", that is, "not destroyed / And 

advocate the sharing of bicycles, "the use of civilization / civilized display / civilization care",

 advocate the sharing of bicycle industry set up to share the bicycle industry alliance, and the 

government together to promote the bike parking place As well as urban greenway construction and 

other aspects of cooperation, I believe that these technical advantages,as well as in the concept 

of higher pursuit, will let the small blue users become the only choice.

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