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On Summer, How To Protect You From Sun?

A lot of people in the summer encountered the biggest problem is this: The sun is so big, how the 

sun? One method is currently no sunscreen can do a hundred percent, but we can take some measures 

to reduce the ultraviolet damage to our skin.

       So in the summer sun is the most important task of health, whether out shopping or outdoors,

 the sun should see heavier. We all know that healthy outdoor cycling, but cycling in summer strong

 ultraviolet radiation is inevitable, how sunscreen protects skin it? How can we ensure that they 

will not be as black as the movement after the loach, here to introduce you how to do cycling in 

summer sun protection measures.

How to ride the summer sun?

1, buy the regular brand to achieve the effect of sunscreen sunscreen clothing, can also play a 

protective role. Especially in the neck, face, arms part, after sun protection clothing isolated, 

it can also reduce the chance of exposure to a certain cycling.

2, try not to wear dark clothes, especially black items readily absorbs heat too deep color 

clothing to absorb more heat, summer can be imagined, the heat may burn the skin, skin aging faster


3, you can install sun umbrella, it is a good choice.

4, cycling, running as far as possible in the shade, you can choose a park road, because trees 

blocked, we have only to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

5, apply some SPF sunscreen is the first and indispensable step summer travel. Attention to the 

selection of sunscreen products, according to the need to select a medium or higher SPF products, 

such as outdoor riding, playing to the beach and other outdoor activities, you should choose high 

SPF sunscreen products. 30min smear out the door, if you want to strengthen the effect of sunscreen can be applied once again in the front.

6, in addition to sunscreen, can be coated with olive oil, easy to use and inexpensive. Olive oil 

has good protection from the sun, and is a natural plant ingredients, will not cause harm to the 

skin. But sunscreen with olive oil must be psychologically prepared for: skin tan uniform color of 


7, the most effective approach to prevention is to avoid the day from 11:00 to 14:00 during the 

most intense UV time to go out, slowly, a small amount of exposure to sunlight is not there a 

danger of sunburn. Especially women about 25 years old, their metabolism has begun to slow, prone 

to brown spots, freckles, fine wrinkles generated, should avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet 


8, red is the color of the clothes the sun, we can be appropriately selected.

9, wear long-sleeved pants, try not to let too much skin exposed to sunlight. People with more 

short-sleeved summer shorts, exposed part of some more, if subjected to prolonged exposure to the 

sun, the skin will darken even as dead.

10, when a long period of outdoor sports, but also ready to heatstroke drugs, including: 

Huoxiangzhengqi, Shidi Shui, Ren Dan and so on.

11, can wear riding clothes, with UV protection, wicking, breathable, quick-drying characteristics,

 the best long trousers, and then put on the long finger of thin gloves, if you wear short-sleeved,

 plus wear cuff.

12, wearing a headscarf, turban can sweat sweat, sweat does not make eye drops can reduce the 

temperature of 1 degree sun and scalp, then wear a helmet, wear a hat helps to cool down, you can 

protect the scalp and hair.

13, hair and skin, the stratum corneum both evolved, sun damage to the hair, becomes forked or 

broken, and sweat salt, the same will hurt the hair and skin, preferably with hat.

Cycling in summer sun how to fix?

1, if slight skin redness, you can immediately use make-up water has a calming effect surface 

covered, make-up water into the refrigerator to cool, ice is also a good way.

2, skin feels pain fever legend is already close to scald severe burns, the remedy is to the ice 

surface, the ice on the painful area with gauze dipped in ice water or attaining skin feel cold.

3, severe sunburn skin peeling may be, do not need to use peeling mask, the best to the hospital 

for the doctor to help deal with dermatologist.

Conclusion: couple riding in the summer, the sun must not underestimate "the warm sun." It is the 

face killer, basking basking on sunburn, and lethality is not small!

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