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On April 9th, the third China and Global Roundtable Forum, hosted by China and the Globalization 

Think Tank, was held in Beijing, and heo, founder and CEO ofoo, was invited to attend the forum as 

executive director. During the meeting, CCG Chairman Long Yongtu and Dai Wei had a conversation, 

Long Yongtu praised Dai Wei "made a good thing conducive to people's livelihood, to be steadfast 

to do so. The future will become an equal footer with Ma Yun Ma" The CCG chairman, State Council 

Counselor Wang Huiyao also Dai Wei gave a high degree of evaluation and affirmation. Dai Wei has 

also become the youngest executive director of CCG history.

It is understood that the forum to "cross the intersection of globalization - China's opportunities

 and challenges" as the theme, CCG Chairman, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic 

Cooperation Long Yongtu more than two hundred CCG director, CCG scholar experts and business , 

Attended by elite representatives.

As a young entrepreneurial representative, heo founder Dai Wei on the "how to build a global model 

of China's innovation" forum three topics and CCG co-chairman, Hong Kong Hang Lung Properties 

Chairman Chen Qizong, CCG Vice Chairman, wide capital holding limited company chairman Guan Xin, 

CCG senior vice chairman, Bao Shide Group President Gao Zhendong and CCG academic expert committee 

expert Zhang first Sheng together to discuss, the relevant speech attracted the guests appreciated.


"The innovation model of China is the first time that China's Internet companies have been leading 

the innovation in a global model, and now there are several companies in the United States that 

have begun to share bicycles, and several companies in Europe are starting to We are now in the 

United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom also landed our shared bike project.Therefore, I am 

the simplest simple understanding of innovation is that at that time, when I was in the United 

States, We encountered a difficult and problematic, very boldly trying to solve it in a new way 

through the existing model.

When it comes to "green, environmental and the impact on other industries," Dai Wei believes that 

from the business model itself, for consumers, for businesses, for the government are good, less 

driving, less Carbon emissions, more convenient short-distance travel, one or two kilometers of the

 city's peripheral travel. The impact of other industries will indeed increase the number of 

short-term cooperation in the factory, with the traditional well-known bicycle manufacturing 

industry will reach a long-term cooperation. Long-term point of view, should think of a little more

 open, sharing the cycle is to create value for the community, to create value for the people to 

solve the problem, is of great significance.

As the world's first non-pile sharing cycle model of the enterprise, started Peking University 

campus, its advocacy "anytime, anywhere car ride" is committed to solving global users 

short-distance travel problems. Its "Internet +" and the traditional manufacturing of the depth of 

the integration of innovative models withstood the market test, to be successful.

With the upgrading and transformation of China's industrial structure, the global economic and 

market development needs also determine the transformation of China's economy, industrial upgrading

 requires enterprises to "go out". In this context, ofo has been in Singapore, London, San 

Francisco, three biopsy to implement the strategy to expand overseas markets. It is reported that 

ofo is expected before the end of this year will be landing in Germany, Spain and other 20 

countries, and the global bicycle brands and manufacturers to cooperate to produce more shared 

bicycles to provide travel services for local residents to become a successful example of Chinese 

enterprises to overseas.

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