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Ofo Want To Enter More Country In This Year

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US media said China's share of cycling start-up companies valued more than 20 billion US dollars.

According to CNBC reported on April 18, ofo founder and CEO Dewey interview CNBC interview revealed

 this figure is less than two months ago, the valuation of twice. It is prudent to be able to 

achieve this success for a company that has only two years to start a $ 150,000 private capital.


However, for Dai Wei, he does not seem to care about the company's valuation, does not seem to 

realize that such a number to such a young company is so surprising. For him, it is important that

ofo can do something for the consumer.

"When you start a company, you have to solve the problem and provide the service to the user." "We 

have to figure out what the main problem we are going to solve is more important than the valuation,

" he said to CNBC.

At present, ofo has more than 3 million bright yellow bicycles in more than 50 cities in China, and

these bicycles also appear on the streets of London and Singapore. Dai Wei said that ofo's goal is 

to expand to 20 countries by the end of this year, including Japan, Spain, France, Germany and the 


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