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Ofo Singapore Begins To Run

If you want to do bike sharing stationless in your makerts like Mobike Ofo, you can contact with us 


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Recently, ofo successively in the West Coast Park, Punger Waterway, Kentgang Park, as well as the 

National Art Museum and Sands Hotel near the five regions, launched thousands of shared bicycles to

facilitate the local people travel. In the next two weeks, no deposit, people can freely access 

anytime, anywhere.

It is understood that ofo shared bicycles will be the first batch of trial points in the high flow 

of people, the demand for five areas. During the trial period, people do not need to pay a deposit,

you can use the bicycle for free, experience the sharing of bicycle comfort and convenience. Ofo Singapore 

operations official said, ofo has been the support of the local land traffic bureau, the future will be launched in more locations more bicycles, for the people to bring more healthy and convenient travel options.

After the free trial period, the local people as long as the phone application within the 

pre-stored, no deposit, that can be 0.5 yuan per hour low price rental ofo shared bicycle. 

Different from the domestic is, ofo can be used to locate the user through the mobile phone ride 

line, use the time, and recommend the parking location. If the user will share the bike parked in 

the recommended range, but also get the appropriate reward, better facilitate the use of follow-up 



China's wisdom to go out of the country to open the first international layout

As the pioneer of the concept of "no-pile", theo is the most widely used, and the industry's lowest

 deposit is widely favored by the user, and its lightweight and comfortable design is more in line 

with the habits of Asian people riding. The landing of Singapore's "overseas version" ofo yellow 

car, by theo and Phoenix Bicycle Factory jointly developed by the Phoenix production, the use of 

non-puncture solid tire and the characteristics of the bell, simple, comfortable and durable, so 

that foreign friends feel the " China-made "good quality.

Up to now, ofo Singapore shared bicycles have been promoted to 34 cities in the country, more than 10 million

users, market share, volume, coverage are ranked first in the industry. At the same time, ofo also

took the lead in opening an overseas business layout, and Singapore due to its well-developed 

political culture, and in the Southeast Asian market an important strategic position to become one 

of the important markets for overseas expansion. And Singapore has no precedent for public bicycles

and shared bicycles, but also provides favorable conditions for the promotion of theo.

In the future, ofo will operate in more countries to further expand its international layout, the 

"original intelligent hardware + piling free mode" to promote more areas, so that more users enjoy 

the shared bicycle health and convenience.

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