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OFO Shared Bicycle Convenience Or Disturbing People? People To Be Tested

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Mention the most current way of travel, absolutely non-shared bicycle is none other than. With the 

continuous expansion of market size, shared bicycles have basically covered China's second-tier 

cities, and is constantly deepening the domestic three or four lines of the city, and even go out 

of the country, will expand their own pace to overseas markets. But shared bicycle market varies 

greatly, many brands, in the end which brand share the cycle, is the first choice for people to 

travel it?

In a random interview on the street, we found that the little yellow car was referred to the 

frequency of the shared bicycle brand, and some people liked its light:

"We fairies can only move the light of the small yellow car ... ..."

Some people recognize it for convenience:

"Cheap ah, now credit standards do not have to deposit, ride directly on the line"

Some people like it everywhere:

"We are now surrounded by a small yellow car, and that of course is to see a ride on a right"

And even some people say that because ofo yellow color of the car is bright enough:

"High value, body light, everywhere, do not ride a small car ride what?"

In this era of justice that is the era of justice, a touch of bright colors, a light ofo yellow car,

 not only for users to bring a convenient ride experience, but also become a yellow landscape in 

the city.

Speaking of Yan, Lu Han is absolutely can not avoid one of the leading figures.

The 90 after the young Lang is not only the year EXO's "facade to play", but also lead singer, lead

 dance multiple identity, their strength and friendly character so that he quickly became popular 

and numerous powder. Lu Han own professionalism and super EQ, so he received in the film and 

television reputation of praise, and even frequently boarded the magazine cover, harvest a lot of 

groundbreaking awards.

May 3, the full value of the full, popular youth burst idol expressly said it would join hands of 

yellow car to open a new national cycling, healthy travel era.

And ofo yellow car also said that the official contract has been signed with the deer, invited to 

become a small yellow car riding ambassador and image spokesperson.


Lu Han admitted that it is because the emergence ofo yellow car, only for the city to travel more 

easily provided, so he also hope that more people can participate in the ride, for urban traffic to

 reduce the pressure, so travel , Fitness, have a good mood can be more relaxed ~

In addition to the value of the youth idol in the back, there is a dare to dare to do, always full 

of young and dynamic heart, more one is not easy to fail, never convince the soul of perseverance.

 Faced with the recent rumors on the network, Lu Han side choose to actively safeguard their own 

interests, while with more down-to-earth work to prove their strength.

This can not help but think of the yellow car in the just on the line when the encounter a lot of 

questions from the beginning of June 15 in Peking University launched a shared bike plan to become 

shared bicycle industry originator and leader, to May 3, Ofo small yellow car announced the official

 access to the first 100 cities - Lhasa, ofo small yellow car has become the world's largest city 

coverage, the largest shared bicycle travel platform. Not only such ao yellow car has become the 

world's first, is currently the only one for the world's four countries 100 cities tens of millions

 of users to provide convenient travel service platform, ofo small yellow car and deer Han full of 

each other Sympathetic,

Positive energy has a sympathetic feeling, so it created a strong combination of this time.

Invite Lu Han as a spokesperson, which is not only a pioneering attempt to share cycling originator

 and leader rider yellow, it is one of the signs that its business is changing and self-positioning

 is more clear. And with such a clear and clear goal of positioning, coupled with the great deal of

 Lu Han, we have reason to believe that ofo small yellow car will continue to travel for the city 

to provide more convenience, and in the future will be shared to develop more new bicycle Play for 

us to create more surprises!

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