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Ofo Put Basket On Bike

Sharing the bike has long been all over the streets, but some bicycles can not adjust the seat, the lack of car baskets such a small problem, and now, such a small problem in the ride will soon be resolved.

Shared bicycle ofo recently officially released a new model. The new car is completed with the cooperation of 700Bike, the use of mechanical lift tube; equipped with car basket, drum brake, ergonomic palm care sets; and the use of PU solid inner tube and wear tire.

According to reports, in view of the previous high damage rate of vehicle problems, the new ofo Curve models to improve the durability of vehicles. In the frame, the new car with high-strength aluminum alloy frame, 100% solution to the existing shared cycling rust problem; in the chain, the new car using spring guide wheel zipper, real-time tension chain, effectively prevent the chain off, abnormal sound problems ; In the durability, the vehicle using KMC high-strength anti-rust chain, the tensile strength of more than 55% of national standards, more than 500 hours salt spray test without rust; frame skeleton chain cover, protect the chain from impact; High-strength car baskets, made of 2-fold diameter aluminum tubes, are not easily deformed and have a higher bearing capacity. The probability of damage to the car basket by 4% is reduced to 1%.


For the comfort of riding, the new bike has also improved. The new car with stepless adjustable lift seat lever, one hand easy to operate, for 155cm-185cm people service. Especially to join the laser engraving height mark, your height is your adjustment of the scale, stepless adjustment of the appropriate sitting position. In order to improve the riding experience, bike cushion cushion shock absorber design, absorb the road vibration, ride more comfortable

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