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Ofo Mobike Together?

Boss and elder merged section, and did not staged in the shared bicycle industry. With the drip tray small blue, ali the latest round of financing led byo broke the news, the possibility of mergers andoof getting smaller and smaller, the industry pattern adds more variables.

An insider approaching Ali claims to the "Chinese entrepreneur" that the conflict between Drip and OFO has existed for a long time. Dilithium, as a major shareholder, once attempted to dominate, ofo merger, attempting to incorporate a shared bike into the drip Large ecological territory, has been worship, ofo's boycott, then ofo and the drop between the cracks. Dido want to sell the shares ofo, do their own shared bike, and the acquisition of a small blue, ofo had to find an emergency Panxian, hope Ali name "white knight" shot saved.

The source said that sharing the extensive mode of cycling industry, has exposed serious problems, the deposit model there is a great risk. ofo To get Ali's funds, you must be free of deposits and make adjustments to your existing business plans in a planned and controlled manner.

These people stand on the angle of Ali, on the "Chinese entrepreneurs" about the drop and ofo rupture, as well as the story of Alitalia investment, the following is an oral order, does not represent the position of the press:

Merger plan broken

With more and more financing, ofo entrepreneurs have less and less of a say in the company.

Dido three years later, inauguration of three high-level executives Fu Qiang, Nanshan , Leslie liu, respectively, as executive president, market leader, CFO.)

In fact, until today, there has not been a mature profit sharing bike model, are supported by a deposit, if the deposit is not diverted, or completely free deposit, shared bicycle profit model in the end what is it?

Sharing bicycle players are now desperate to price war, burning money is very powerful, shareholders under great pressure. So that shareholders later said: Do not hit, and quickly merged, early listing, we also retreat. Merger plan is not a normal business intention, but capital operation.

In the merger proposal proposed by the major shareholders of both parties, who is in charge of the new company? It is neither ofo nor of worship, but of dominance and kick-outs of both founders. Relatively speaking, the capitalists are more trustworthy in the drop-and-drop team, after all, rapid drops in the merger, dripping experience, and capital operation are more experienced.

Drip on the leading mergers also have appeals. Dropping their own profitability model is a problem in itself, in the past year or two, the number of drop-bang taxi riders is getting higher and higher, with the unit price stagnating, so the drop today needs to share the bikes to drive the growth and the emergence of a shared bicycle. The original amount of drops is actually impact and impact. Droplet early vote ofo, in fact, is about each other Bo, drop as a shareholder exists, in fact, of little significance.

After the merger, if the control panel, drops will become the world's largest travel group, not only to cover the 5-10 km trip, but 1-3 km bike short-distance travel also won. Behind the drop is Tencent, Tencent can also get more traffic support after the merger.

The merger seems logical, but ignores the worship, founding management team on both sides ofo have been unanimously opposed by both parties, and began to find helper access, hoping to prevent the merger, so we have all the subsequent battle . The negotiations between the two sides when the team, with Ali half hair no relationship.

Drip ono intervene too much, but eventually found unable to control Dewei, so both parties completely trouble breaking. On November 23, 2017, OFO took the three executives collectively "on vacation." Then, in about a week, 31 people quit from ofo.

After breaking off, the drops quickly set up a business unit to do a bike sharing, and then acquired a small blue, to seize control of their own. These major events, which is a few words can decide?

Ali acts as a disk player

Ali's role in playing here is more like a white knight.


Now Ali is not needed ofo, ofo need Ali. Drops want to quit, sell the shares in ofo, the exit means that the threat, "or management you buy my shares, you find the money come?"

The market can afford this money, really few, so ofo found Ali. If ofo to find Tencent, even more impossible, because Tencent is the same camp with the drop.

For the average VC, money is certainly a relatively large figure, but for Ali, the money is still affordable. Ali took the plate, the key is ofo want to come in Ali, but only agree to drop, then you have to talk about conditions, to talk about what kind of price to receive, after closing the coverage of what is the rights and interests, it is estimated that now talk about this link.

This is a bit similar to the year 360 want to stake in Sogou, Wang Xiaochuan do not want Zhou Hongyi shares, so ran to Hangzhou overnight looking for Ma, hope Ali shares Sogou, so later Ali shares Sogou. But not because Ali shares Sogou, Ali said they want to control Sogou, or Ali want to do a search.

Ali is not trying to control the bike sharing the disk, in fact, this dish we do not think so important, but we must admit that the industry is of social value, it is in solving short trips really did value, and it And more environmentally friendly, low-carbon. After all, fancy is to share the business model of cycling itself, to provide transformation and change in the travel market.

Why is this industry now developed into such a? The great problems exist: First, unlimited, uncontrolled expansion; Second, its own industry model is unreasonable, a large number of deposits generated risks and risks are enormous. Therefore, ofo get Ali funds, must be free of deposits, planned and controlled adjustments to the current business plan, change the extensive mode.

Of course, can be done, the introduction of insurance, supply chain finance came in, the current mode of production and sales to make some changes, can greatly reduce costs, improve efficiency, and can bring new income.

The outside world said that ants want to get users, data, etc., but if a commercial company's operation is seen through this way, it is not called commercial, it means that the game is white. Ant number of users or ofo more than the number of users is certainly ants more than the number of users. Ants large amount of data or ofo large amount of data (certainly ants of large amount of data) We tend to think very shallow investment, that investors want to control or what they want. To tell the truth, we do not know anything about business. Ali is sincere about trying to do a good job of this matter. The future brings great opportunities.

For example, Ali today invested Gao Xin retail, Sanjiang shopping, Century Lianhua, is actually doing new retail, new retail can bring value? Do not know. But this direction is right, this thing can certainly bring value. Ali Taobao also do the same, from 2003 to 2011 has been no profit, have not made money, did not make money for eight years, Ali's appeal is what is the problem of buying things to sell things, but in the future can not Do not know, but one day it makes money.

Everyone has a misunderstanding for investors, but whenever BAT invests it, it assumes that it is taking away the value from the beloved party, but in fact it is the need of both sides.

Ants want to drop from the OFO board kicked out of rumors, the ants have the ability to drop the kick to go out? Ali itself, there are still shares in the drops, why give the drops to kick it? Some people Not willing to make changes in their plans, so they will create a lot of stories to discourage ofo to find new forces in, but these rumors did not change the results.

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