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Ofo Enter France

December 7, ofo small yellow car announced its move into the French capital Paris, officially entered the world's 20th country. Currently, OFO has operated in more than 50 overseas cities, running more than 100,000 shared bicycles and accumulating more than 10 million riders overseas. As the largest shared cycling platform in the world, OFO's overseas contribution of more than 99% of local users' orders means that OFO has become a truly global shared bike platform. ofo small yellow car will continue to accelerate the process of internationalization, China's intelligence to the world.

ofo small yellow car into Paris has a special meaning. In October this year, OFO signed an agreement with the C40 Urban Climate Leadership Coalition in Paris to work together with the world's mayor on health, equity, economy, security and interconnection to provide research support for addressing global climate issues. C40 connects the world's more than 90 cities, covering more than 650 million people and one quarter of the world's GDP. As a partner, ofo works with C40 to discuss the feasibility of global environmental governance, build a healthy and livable city, promote climate improvement initiatives and work towards the goals set in the Paris Agreement.

"Working together to improve the global environment is an important goal for us." David Dewey, founder and CEO of ofo Small Yellow Car said: "OFO has brought sustainable travel to users in 20 countries through an open and shared innovation model Solutions to Improve Urban Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution Future OFO hopes to provide undiscriminated services to 2 billion users around the world and change the lives of more residents through a win-win cooperation so that there will be no stranger to the world. "

"We are very excited to be doing business in France and we will work closely with the government to make OFO a beautiful place in Paris, and we look forward to providing efficient and convenient travel options," said Yanqi Zhang, co-founder and COO of ofo small yellow car. , But also contribute to smart city planning and energy conservation and emission reduction, setting the benchmark for sharing the development of cycling industry in the world. "

C40 CEO Mark Watts and COO Zhang Yanqi

It is understood that OFO will put tens of thousands of bicycles in Paris one after another, will also visit the French five cities. ofo's vehicles are all European versions of custom models equipped with the latest generation of GPS Bluetooth smart locks that provide accurate positioning and big data services with standardized management and smart operations. ofo models localized in each country, has chosen a different frame based on the user's height, body shape and riding habits, and equipped with special components to better meet the needs of local users demand. OFO's services are easily accessible to worldwide users - overseas users can pay with VISA credit cards and MasterCard credit cards, while Chinese APP users can pay directly with their wallets. Chinese users in the world's 20 countries, overseas 50 cities can use Chinese APP directly unlock ofo small yellow car. Today, ofo invites you to ride a bike tour of Paris!

Established in 2014, the ofo Small Yellow Car was the first "no-share bike sharing" model in June 2015. It operates more than 10 million shared bicycles worldwide and provides more than 32 million daily ride services with more than 200 million registered users. Currently, OFO has entered 20 countries in the world, namely China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Hungary, India, France. On December 7, 2017, OFO's presence in Paris marked ofo becoming the first shared bike platform to serve 250 cities in 20 countries.

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