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Ofo Do A New Bike

March 9, the world's largest shared bicycle platform ofo and 700Bike jointly released a new generation of shared bicycle ofo Curve. The new car in the 7 major product experience for the refined design, user riding experience to be further improved. At the same time, ofo Curve redefines the industry standard of "low operation and maintenance" products, that is, lower urban bicycle operation and maintenance costs, effectively solve the industry's seven common urban operation and maintenance problems, significantly reducing the cost of the latter operation and maintenance.

Ofo and 700Bike jointly released a new generation of shared bike ofo Curve

Industry experts said that the previous generation of shared bicycle competition in the traditional supply chain and the market put the stage, the purpose is to allow users to "ride anytime, anywhere." With the emergence of ofo Curve, industry development and competition will enter the "user experience upgrade" and "low cost operation and maintenance" of the new stage.

Experience and then upgrade Curve into the city's best ride to share the bike

It is understood that a new generation of shared bicycle ofo Curve, in the seven product experience has been redesigned and optimized, vehicle manufacturing design is also fully integrated ergonomic and visual beauty, a substantial increase in the user's riding experience in the city.

Ofo Curve

Ofo Curve for the first time with industry-leading mechanical lift tube, one hand can be easily operated. At the same time, the height of its height adjustment of the majority of users height, the user can lift the seat tube marked height scale, the seat adjustment to meet their height height, to achieve the most comfortable ride sitting posture.

At present, most of the shared bicycle tires use solid tires, but the solid tires are not as good as inflatable tires. Ofo Curve new car using the PU solid inner tube, PU solid inner tube will not puncture, while its riding experience and ordinary inflatable tire compared to almost no difference in the comparison with the inflatable tire test, in the weight of 125KG kg or less, PU solid Inner tube and inflatable tire riding comfort effect is almost the same.

Ofo Curve is equipped with a new ergonomic palm care set, to the palm of your hand to provide additional support to relieve hand fatigue. At the same time, Curve with wide hip point set cushion and shock ball damping design, can absorb more road vibration, but also more fit the human body, allowing users to ride the car in the whole process more comfortable. In the body frame, Curve overall visual effect is more stylish, body frame with a high-strength aluminum alloy design, which makes theoo Curve body becomes lighter.

In addition, ofo Curve is equipped with a storage basket, user-friendly portable bag. The storage basket is designed with a fixed center of gravity and does not swing with the steering of the ride. At the same time, the framework of one-piece chain cover design, can effectively prevent the user in the ride when the skirt and trousers involved in the disk tooth chain.

The following are the same as the "

Ofo founder and CEO of Dai Wei

With more refined design and upgrades that combine aesthetic, ergonomic and cycling experiences, the ofo Curve has become the most shared bike for the most popular city ride. "Theo has always put the user experience first, and with the birth of a new generation of shared bicycle ofo Curve, users will enjoy a better travel service," he said at the conference site.

Redefining the industry standard for "low operational" products

There are surveys that, at present, sharing the bicycle industry there is a certain loss rate, cycling also need daily repair and maintenance, "maintenance-free" in the shared bicycle industry has proved to be not feasible, the industry companies have to give up Operation and maintenance "ideas, and the goal to seek more" low operation and maintenance "of the product. The release of a new generation of shared cycling Curve, redefine the shared bicycle industry "low operation and maintenance" of the product and operating standards, to find a shared bicycle products, "golden point" to maximize the user experience at the same time, minimize operation and maintenance costs , To create the most suitable for users to ride at the same time the lowest cost of maintenance and sharing of bicycles.

In the low operation and maintenance, ofo Curve configuration optimization and a number of exclusive patented design, an effective solution to the industry's most common seven city operation and maintenance problems, significantly reduce the cost of late operation and maintenance.


The use of high-strength aluminum alloy frame, 100% solution to the existing shared cycling rust problem; the use of spring guide wheel zipper, real-time tension chain, effectively prevent the chain off, abnormal sound problem, the chain off 7% of the industry probability Reduced to 0%; the use of KMC high-strength anti-rust chain, the tensile strength of more than 55% of national standards, more than 500 hours salt spray test without rust; frame one skeleton chain cover, protect the chain from impact, The probability of the deformation of the chain cover 63% to 0%; drum brake, not affected by the weather, the brake wear failure 15.3% of the industry probability down to 0% higher than the ordinary clamp brake life 2 times; high strength car basket, Made of 2 times the diameter of the aluminum tube welded, not easy to deformation, bearing capacity is higher, the car basket damage 4% of the industry probability down to 1%; PU solid inner tube + wear tires, never puncture, inflatable tire damage 50 % Of the industry probability dropped to 0%.

"The new generation of shared bicycles, ofo Curve, for the first time in the industry, has achieved a goal of maximizing the overall cost of maintenance while maximizing the user experience, which is a win and a win over users."

700Bike founder Zhang Xiangdong said: "700Bike is always a new generation of consumer goods brand, is committed to urban users to bring more design aesthetics, high quality and high quality user experience products and services. The 700Bike as ofo product partners, hope From the product point of view helpo to improve the user experience, enhance the efficiency of operation and maintenance, to find the user experience and the best balance of urban operations.

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