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Ofo Customize A New Bike

Recently, theo yellow car once again by the CCTV financial channel ace column point praise, this is due to the introduction of the distinctive "powerful my country" custom version of the bike.

It is reported that "powerful my country" is ofo small yellow car together with the CCTV financial channel jointly launched a customized version of shared bicycles, will be put in more than 160 cities across the country. August 29, CCTV Finance Channel in the "first time" column on the "powerful my country" ofo customized version of the bike made a focus on the report, and foro the innovative spirit and patriotic feelings of praise.

From the CCTV lens we can see, "powerful my country" ofo custom bicycle in the design Jiangxinduyun, the body with red and blue and blue and white porcelain two kinds of color, respectively, in the license plate, bell, car chain box and Before and after the wheel made a well-designed, in front and rear roulette are printed "powerful my country" words, both highlights the prosperity of the motherland and a long history of patriotic theme, but also awakened the hearts of a sincere pride.

"We hope that through this car filled with Chinese elements, can arouse the public and our own inner a sense of pride, to stimulate everyone's patriotism, the strong applause for the motherland," said the co-founder of the yellow car. "


This kind of national pride due to the strong and prosperous motherland, deeply rooted in the hearts of every people. As the first brand to share the bike, the ofo has been trying to implant this deep sense of nationalism into the details of the shared bike experience.

August 25, CCTV financial channel "powerful my country" series of programs and through the yellow car in Tibet Lhasa operation and maintenance personnel Gama, once again show the ordinary people on the country of love.

From the perspective of Gama, the program tells the story of the great changes brought about by the "Internet +" for the prosperity of the motherland and the energetic and hope of the little yellow car for this piece of land in Tibet, especially at the end of the program , Gama said: "The development of the country so that our lives more convenient, more environmentally friendly, I really feel our country more and more powerful, and powerful my country!" Resounding words, tells the voice of the people, But also aroused numerous national pride of the audience.

From theo "powerful my country" custom version of the bike, to the "powerful my country" ofo front-line operation and maintenance personnel extraordinary story, in this bright autumn, ofo is by sharing the cycle of blowing a warm and strong national feelings The

"Powerful my country" custom version of the small car on the line at the beginning, many passers-by can not help but take out the phone to take pictures, sweep code test ride, everyone's face is pleased to show the joy of the small yellow car. When it was learned that this bike was produced by the national bike brand Flying pigeons, many people were greatly appreciative of the revival of the bicycle industry inspired by the little yellow car.

Recently, in the Xinhua News Agency National Brand Communication Engineering Office of the cutting-edge enterprise selection, ofo small yellow car was named 14 "Chinese national brand" one, become the only bicycle industry to share the national brand.

As a shared bike of the original and the leader, ofo small yellow car since the date of birth adhering to the "only connected bicycles, do not produce bicycles" concept, and flying pigeons, Phoenix, Fu Shida, Giant and other traditional bicycle business cooperation, In the settlement of people "last mile" riding pain points, leading people to travel mode of change at the same time, but also to promote the development of national brands.

As one of China's "new four inventions", ofo small yellow car together national enterprises together to the sea extension of the soil, the "China-made" model output to the world, in the world stage shine, and let people from the bottom of my heart to give birth to a pride The

It is reported that since June 2008 on-line, ofo in just two years has entered, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Austria, the world's nine countries more than 170 cities, More than 8 million bicycles, for hundreds of millions of users accumulated to provide more than 3 billion travel services. Needless to say, ofo has become China's first brand to share cycling, but also one of the representatives of the national brand to the world.

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