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Ofo Add Gps Position Lock

In recent months, sharing the bicycle industry increasingly competitive, stationed in the new city,

 released a new car, the shared bicycle brand action constantly. And on March 21, sharing the 

original origin of the bike and the leader of the yellow car to become China's fourth daily order 

over 10 million Internet platform, but also the daily order volume of the fastest breakthrough in 

the tens of millions of Internet platform. In this battle of the industry, ofo obviously has taken 

the lead. In the user preferences and satisfaction and other aspects of a comprehensive dominant 

ofo, has recently increased the positioning function, once again get a good cry.

Of user preference, satisfaction, full advantage of the user choose to vote with their feet

According to the third-party data research agency Ai media consulting "2017Q1 China shared bicycle 

market research report" can be seen, ofo to 40.8% of users prefer to live in 2016 shared bicycle 

brand selection preferences, and in the user satisfaction ranking , Ofo and 9.3 points ranked first,

 in the user preferences, satisfaction and other aspects of a comprehensive dominant, fully 

recognized by the user.


And it is the user's recognition before making the competition in the industry to take the 

initiative in the user active, the use of frequency, user sticky and other aspects of a wide range 

of leading rivals, a bicycle industry to share the first order of more than 10 million platform.

Attention to the user to upgrade to increase the positioning function to provide better service

For the user, who makes the choice of who can provide them with better service and experience. And 

this is exactly the last on the line from the insistence. And the pursuit of "technology" to the 

high cost and a number of technical patents to win the user's eyeball of different, small yellow 

car also the pursuit of technology, but the small yellow car technology are used to enhance the 

user experience. Ofo constantly working with more bike brands, manufacturers, recently launched 

with the shared cycling operator riding chanting bios to customize the ofo yellow car. A variety 

of versions of the small yellow cars continue to meet the needs of the user's personality and 

curiosity at the same time, but also to protect the riding experience of different users to do 

more efforts.

Recently, ofo is to increase the positioning function, open the APP, the interface appears is a 

yellow ofo buoy, the user can follow the buoy to find the car. Unlike Matthew, although the 

addition of the positioning function, but the small yellow car is still a good ride, and not to 

locate the location of the vehicle at the expense of the user experience. "Black technology", ofo 

there, but in attracting the eye at the same time will be able to bring a better experience and 


At present, ofo has been connected to more than 2.5 million shared bicycles, covering 43 cities 

nationwide and 3 overseas cities. The continuous upgrading of the bicycle, the continuous 

improvement of the user experience for theo brought a lot of reputation, so that it can be in the 

user preferences and satisfaction fully dominant. Today, ofo is using its always adhered to the 

concept of the entire industry to establish new standards, driven sharing of bicycle industry in 

technology, services, user experience and other aspects of a new round of upgrading.

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