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New Bike Sharing Company Getb Will Enter Shenzhen Put 3000 Bikes On Market

Reporters learned that the current Shenzhen has four shared bicycle companies, Mobike, ofo, bluegogo and small number of cycling has more than 32 million units, the Shenzhen market is not saturated? Jin Xuping response, 32 million bicycles far can not meet the needs of urban development, Getbcity in the fierce competition is still room for development.

"Getb bike with solid tires, comes with elastic damping function, with the elastic seat, and the height of the bicycle seat can be adjusted, the middle of the hollow design of the seat to increase the ventilation function." Jinxu Ping introduced in March, Getb preliminary put 3000-5000 vehicles, the first distribution in the office, subway and other crowds of concentrated areas, the future will continue to be put in batches according to market demand


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