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Mountain Bike Riding Helmet Knowledge | Shenzhen A Bini Bike

Riding helmet: is worn on the head that the top big mushroom Kazakhstan, since it can provide protection to vulnerable head, it is essential rider equipment.

Usefulness crash, prevent leaves and branches hitting, preventing flying rock hit, split rain, breathable, speed. Helmet with visor can be sunscreen, reflective signs affixed to the helmet can prevent mistakenly hit during the night riding.

Analyzing helmet quality standards include: texture, weight, lining, wearing comfort, breathability, wind resistance effect:

Helmets generally used foam texture (Normal or high density - difference between the two lies in the collision effects) cast, and has a smooth surface of the shell;

The weight of pressure in the head can not be too heavy stuff, which is riding helmet does not use alloys causes;

Is part of the inside of the helmet liner in contact with the head, it can produce a buffer effect in peacetime enhance wearing comfort, in the head by the impact. Workmanship helmet lining its coverage, better texture, and the inner helmet was also stronger bond;

Wearing comfort is mainly because the weight, lining, lace and head circumference is appropriate to bring a personal feeling, comfortable to wear helmet can greatly reduce the rider's head and neck oppression and maximize when subjected to impact protective effect;

Breathable long head in airtight state would adversely affect the scalp, it makes the rider feel uncomfortable. So a good helmet or more holes, or pores relatively large area - which are designed to enhance the permeability;

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