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Mobike Will Be Set In Guangzhou Mobike Intelligent Recommended Parking Point

Since its inception, "chaos parked" has been shared bicycle development problems. On the 23rd, the 

reporter learned from the motorbike bike, in order to strengthen the guide to the public civilized 

parking, Mobike will be in Guangzhou and Beijing, Shanghai and other eight cities nationwide, the 

first to introduce hundreds of "Mount worship intelligent parking point." According to reports, the

 parking point can be combined with large data analysis of user demand hot spots, through 

cooperation with the urban planning department to rationalize the parking site location, but also 

better regulate the user behavior.

mobike (2).jpg

About a month ago, Guangzhou City Commission for special sharing of shared bicycle platform 

business, proposed to strengthen the bicycle management, and increase the GPS, electronic fence and

 other technology research and innovation, through technical means to improve the efficiency of 

offline management services to promote the user to form a good The use of habits.

The on-line "smart parking point" is the implementation of the requirements of the Guangzhou City 

Commission. Reporters learned that the recommended parking point is mainly composed of intelligent 

parking piles and ground fence lines drawn out of the region. "Through the intelligent parking pile

 intelligent module wireless signal transmission technology, coupled with accurate positioning 

algorithm to quickly determine the location and status of cycling parking, the parking point can 

be achieved sub-level positioning." Mobike relevant person in charge told reporters, "and through 

the large Data and red charter, credit sub - incentives, other incentives and other incentives to 

guide the user to stop the parking to the smart parking near the pile to help users more convenient

 and efficient manner of the vehicle in an orderly manner.

According to reports, Mobike in the city to set the smart recommended parking point, but also with 

its recent large data on the artificial intelligence platform "magic" combination - in the 

management of cycling parking access at the same time, to collect a certain area of cycling large 

data , And shared cycling all-weather supply and demand to make accurate forecasts. According to 

reports, the future city of "forbidden ride" area of the chaos parking problem, will also be able 

to solve through the busy parking point

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