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Mobike Users Favorability 64% Of The Industry's Top, Ofo Only 35%

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April 27, the domestic authority of the third-party data research institutions speed research 

institute released "the first quarter of 2017 domestic shared bicycle market research report." 

The report shows that people pay more than 64.2% of the users of the first row of the industry, 

the industry's second name of 35.6%, the gap is obvious. Visible users to share the bike's 

favorability, the motorcycle once again lead.

The following are the same as the "

With the success of a large number of enterprises led by the drop in the sharing of economic 

success, China's shared cycling market in 2016 also broke out a strong vitality, the market has 

appeared in the motorcycles cycling, ofo yellow car, Small blue bicycles and other dozens of shared 

bicycle companies, but also continue to have a new entry. And in so many shared bicycle brands, the 

comprehensive development and the most favored by the user was undoubtedly the largest intelligent 

sharing platform cycling.

It is understood that Mount Bokai was established in January 2015, April 22, 2016 Earth Day in 

Shanghai officially launched the same day, intelligent sharing of bicycle services, has entered the 

city at home and abroad 50 cities, the order volume of more than 20 million, The number of more 

than 600 million, grow into the world's largest intelligent shared bicycle operating platform. 

Mumbai in the city to set off a ride in the boom, to promote "to return to the city bike," for more 

people to bring convenience to travel, but also to the city to promote green travel provides a 

sustainable development of intelligent solutions.

It is worth the whole, April 18, intelligent sharing cycling industry leader Mokai bike announced, 

more light, good ride the new Mabi bike "wind light Yang" has been fully settled north of Guangzhou 

and Shenzhen and other 50 cities, to promote the sharing of bicycles Riding experience to a new 

level, the new Moab cycle is also known as "so far the best ride to ride a bike."

It is understood that, compared with the previous generation of products, the new Moab cycling in 

the preservation of the classic design at the same time, a comprehensive innovation of the 

transmission system, the same distance more than 30% effort; In addition, the motorcycles always "

safety" as a heavy The new cycling industry took the lead in the use of automotive-level disc brake

 system, greatly enhance the safety performance; and the whole industry is equipped with the first 

pneumatic height adjustable seat, to adapt to different height users. The user experience is also 

full of praise, have said that more and more light better riding a better ride. The following are 

the same as the "

mobike (2).jpg

In contrast the industry's second ofo yellow car, ofo very high damage rate and the existence of 

loopholes in the mechanical lock is the crux of its repeated criticism. Users want to use the car 

or can not find the car, or find a bad car, there are users to ridicule: "to use a small yellow car,

 all the way to find, all the way to repair, and finally home." In addition, the recent children 

riding Unfortunately, the vicious incident that has been crushed by the truck has also affected the 

goodness of ofo in the user's mind.

For the industry, the market will be through the adjustment of the platform, towards a more 

beneficial, reasonable and standardized direction, sharing the bicycle platform through continuous 

optimization of the user experience for the way the user attention, the industry will enter into a 

healthy development State, and users will undoubtedly become one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Mabe has always attached importance to the user experience, in the safe, good ride, large data 

operations have a good contribution, and the initial ride to the early impression of the early 

impression of nowo was put on the "bad car majority" impression with its body Quality and mechanical 

lock loopholes actually have a great relationship, if ofo no longer stepping up the vehicle upgrade

and replace the pace of smart locks, I am afraid the rest of the user in the near future will be "

off powder".

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