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Mobike Set Up The First Research Institute For City

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Recently,Mobike announced the cooperation with many colleges and universities in China, 

the establishment of the city travel research institute, through the establishment of the city 

travel open research institute, motorcycles will be able to work with the world's top think tank 

institutions, research institutes, deep exchanges and cooperation, which will also Which can cover 

the traffic management, green travel, space planning, human ecology and many other fields, and help 

the wisdom of the city, and to explore the sustainable development of urban sustainable development, 

Low-carbon city and healthy city construction.

Among them, the "wisdom of the city" refers to the use of technical means to analyze, analyze and 

integrate the key information of the city's core system, so as to include people's livelihood, 

environmental protection, public safety, urban services, business activities, Out of intelligent 

response. Mobike cycling city travel open research institute and research institutes together to "

travel" as the starting point, through innovative research to show the full range of urban traffic 

growth trend for the urban planning departments to provide scientific reference and decision-making 

basis to help the wisdom of urban construction.

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"Low-carbon city" connotation is: the city should be a benign and sustainable energy ecosystem. 

Through the cooperation with the top think tank and scientific research institutes, the Mobike

Cycling Urban Open and Open Research Institute can fully demonstrate the impact of different 

traffic systems on the city's overall carbon emissions and actively guide the public to migrate to 

low-carbon modes such as bicycles and public transportation subways , Reduce pollution sources and 

greenhouse gas emissions, and provide decision-making reference for urban managers.

"Healthy City" refers to the development of the city from the aspects of urban planning, 

construction and management to human health as the center, making the city a healthy population, 

healthy environment and healthy society. As one of the healthy travel methods, sharing the growth 

of bicycles itself is a big driving force for healthy cities; and with the establishment of the car 

park, the shared bicycle company will be able to more comprehensive and in-depth with the research 

institutes , Think tank institutions to carry out exchanges and cooperation, and to the city 

government to provide more scientific reference to promote healthy urban development.

Mobike cycle of the establishment of the city travel open research institute, in the global travel 

area is a pioneering move. Research Institute back to Mobike bike large mass data platform and the "

cube" artificial intelligence platform, docking the world's top think tanks and research institutes,

 around the trip to start multi-field, multi-level exploration and innovation, work together to 

promote the wisdom of the city, low-carbon City and healthy city construction, is the enterprise 

technology strength, innovation ability and social responsibility of all-round show.

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