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The rise of any new thing, there is a stage, sharing the same bike is the case. When the market 

generates potential demand, the sharing of bicycles is like "sleepy pillows", the cake's attractive

 flavor also attracts numerous capital competition, since 2016, China's major cities have rapidly 

emerged more than a dozen shared bicycle brands Such as springing up, the first round of crazy 

expansion, when the expansion to a degree, it is bound to face a new round of reshuffle, return to 

the product itself, user experience, service quality, operational efficiency, and ultimately 

establish a perfect system.

In the crazy expansion stage, the worship and the ofo can be said to start earlier, the number of 

dumping occupy the market opportunities, the rapid "capture" of China's major cities, this round 

of test is the capital, resources and "barbaric growth" When the market is occupied to a degree, 

line, second line tends to saturation, the real competition can be said to have just begun, this 

round of competition is related to the shared cycling brand life and death of the final competition.

Return to the product itself, to see who the quality of hardware and software clearance, sharing 

the bicycle in this regard to do a good example. As a user, walking in the street, will find the 

share of bicycles in the damage rate is the lowest, why? Good quality, the system is advanced 

enough, this is an important advantage.

"The first day of the birth of the motorbike, the thought of a variety of situations, fear of car 

was stolen, occupied, destroyed, in addition to the car was designed to be very strong, is designed

 a Set a very interesting credit system, hoping to enlarge the human side of the good side, punish 

the evil side. Through the credit points to guide users to comply with the system, if casually put,

 deliberately damaged, after the complaint, the credit points will directly lead to lower user 

riding costs.

In the user experience, the motorcycles from the beginning of the beginning to pay great attention 

to the first to achieve the global intelligence, the security risks of large mechanical locks all 

replaced by smart locks, is the introduction of red car mechanism, to give users a sense of 

participation And excitement, safety and surprise coexist, compared to those on the market or the 

original mechanical lock to share the bike, Maibai has been far ahead in the front of the industry.

mobike (2).jpg

Product itself Maibai hardware facilities quality assurance, intelligent implementation of 

excellence, to bring the user satisfaction and surprise experience, greatly facilitate the trip, 

the quality of service, Mount worship launched the "red car", WeChat Jiugongge, etc. are not from 

the user Thinking to start, to provide the best service, to stimulate market vitality, access to 

market licensing, operational efficiency Ma Baibai has occupied the country's major cities, but 

also sounded into the international horn, four dimensions of high-end high-quality upgrade, just 

like the tiger Tim wing, false time, will be the king of the wind and the earth Quartet Quartet.

The advantages of resources is to help Maobai in one fell swoop to lay the industry "leader" 

status, in March and Tencent comprehensive cooperation strategy after the upgrade of the worship, 

officially settled in the WeChat Jiugongge, exclusive global 900 million user platform resources, 

a shock industry Big event, bring traffic and amazing influence can be imagined. The market win 

over the mechanism, will only make the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weak, "crazy 

expansion" after the calm return, Maibai undoubtedly quietly won the "battle."

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