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Mobike Ofo Are Careful! Sharing Bicycle Industry Management Approach Or The Official Introduction Of The Spring Festival

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In the first week of 2017, the share of the bicycle industry to usher in the investors sent 1.6 billion financing gift. January 4, Mabai Cycling announced that it received 215 million US dollars D round of financing, about 1.5 billion yuan. Followed by the footsteps of Mo, January 5, Hangzhou riding chant Technology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of the 100 million yuan A round of financing. Can see that the share of hot cycling after entering in 2017 and did not cool down, but a direct extension of the 2016 momentum of the madness.

Sharing the speed of cycling into some crazy, ofo most radical. On January 10, shared bicycle leader ofOn the announcement of another city, with the Chongqing Shapingba District government reached a strategic cooperation formally stationed in Chongqing, the first batch of 20000 bicycles. January 11, ofo has announced the launch of "2017 City Strategy", plans to January 22, "one day a city" speed, intensive in 10 days into 11 cities, to provide local residents with shared bicycle travel services.

Then, another star enterprise Mo worship high-profile announcement of Guangzhou City, the first 10 million bicycles in Guangzhou Tower on-line, from the first bike debut in Guangzhou to the first 10 million, a total of 76 days, a shared bicycle industry with more than 100,000 shortest Of the city.

Share in the bicycle business and investors in their own for each of the conquering city cheered at the same time, shared bicycle industry or will usher in formal supervision. Last week, to understand the notes released an article sharing bicycle, once again received the Deep Throat broke the news, this time is no longer just Mo worship and ofo duel, but about the entire shared bicycle industry.

Broke the news that: the relevant departments are brewing shared bicycle industry management approach, or formally introduced after the Spring Festival. Once the regulations come out, the current cycling business staking their claims will be hit crazy. At the same time, this year's capital for cycling frenzy, and perhaps will come to an end.

According to reports, shared bicycle management approach is different from the network about the car, or will introduce a national management approach, and then the implementation of local specific rules.

The rapid rise of cycling, the road capacity of the city challenge, the city also put forward higher requirements for integrated management. Imagine a city dozens of days to increase hundreds of thousands of bicycles out of thin air, what would be the scene?

Revealed that the current management approach is being developed, the city will be the total number of bicycles, the main body of the city cycling, cycling technical standards and other aspects of the specific requirements.

The development of urban cycling must be consistent with the status quo and overall planning of the city. The current intention is to discuss the city to share the total number of bicycles to control, according to 1/100 people to configure the resources. For example, a city with 10 million population, the city will share the total number of bicycles put in control of 100,000.

In addition, it will make specific requirements on the operation of the main body. Now some popular cities have 78 influx of bicycle business, management is chaotic, but also a waste of social resources. The plan is being drafted, to be selected for each city to tender the way operators choose the same city may only allow three companies operating at the same time.

Subsequently, understand the notes to the shared bicycle industry, the major enterprises to inquire about the matter. Ofo relevant responsible person said, do not know the relevant laws and regulations, it is not convenient to give views on this matter. Small-Ming cycling insiders said that no rules no standards, barbaric growth will certainly go wrong, the introduction of policies is another kind of support. An investor told to understand the notes, the management approach will be introduced, and for the current market chaos now, the sooner the better.

If the claim is not false, shared bicycle management approach once introduced, so the industry will form a business constraints. Not only share the size of bicycle enterprises will be limited, but also to accelerate the survival of the fittest of SMEs, industry reshuffle curtain is about to open. However, the shared cycling business behind the crazy investors will also be frustrated by the interests, or even lose everything.

Understand the notes with some people in the industry to chat, we feel the development of shared bicycle, beyond the entrepreneur, the investor's expectations. May see the development of the network about the car path, shared bicycle field also hope to run out of the industry in a short time the absolute leader in the formation of "drop-style monopoly." In this mood, the pace of the market some out of control.

Next, let us look at the current market, how lively, how crazy.

Industry melee, capital mad into

It seems that overnight, sharing the bicycle on the fire, when people have no time to think about why, a large wave of shared bicycle business to accelerate the incoming, and occupy the center of public opinion.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2016, there are at least 20 enterprises sharing the bicycle industry, including: MOBI BICYCLE, OFO COMMON CYCLING, SMALL BICYCLE, SMALL CYCLING, YEE BICYCLE, YOUNG BLACK BICYCLE, Bicycles, Cycling Cycling, Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles, Bikes, Bunnies.

Need to add that to understand the notes to the statistics of the shared bicycle business, basically in the industry have been exposed to the enterprise, and perhaps some are not being counted.

And cyclical melee are closely related, there are crazy capital to enter. It is understood that note statistics, 2016 occurred in the shared bicycle industry investment behavior at least 20 times, including ofo

5 rounds of financing, Mo worship 4 rounds of financing, small Ming 3 rounds of financing, excellent worship 3 rounds of financing. This financing situation in 2017 did not slow down or brake signs: Mo worship on January 4 has just announced that 215 million US dollars D round of financing, January 5, Hangzhou riding chant Technology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of 100 million yuan A round of financing.

The entire shared bicycle industry from 2016 to early 2017, the total financing of more than 5 billion yuan, the specific amount of individual enterprises did not publish the detailed financing figures can not be accounted for. The investment is more than 30 investors, including star investment institutions, such as Sequoia, Gao Ling, Warburg, Bertelsmann, Jinsha River, innovation workshop, Shun, Tencent, US group CEO Wang also personal Identity to participate in investment.

Capital fanatic chase has become a shared cycling brutal growth of an incentive, more than the industry people think so. Ereli analyst Zhang Kun understand the notes that in silence for nearly a year-long capital market, and finally to the hot subject, shared bicycle suddenly make up the investment market gaps, stuck in the hands of the money to find the Exports, capital have to keep up. In his view, investors competing into the Board is because we all want to seize the opportunities, not to miss the opportunity of the outlet.

Chaos as frequent, regulatory introduction

As a result of shared bicycles among the infighting, a number of cities were forced to become a "new battlefield." For now, the north and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen and Kunming, Chengdu and other cities is a battleground, not only Mo and worship of the city has entered, the small Ming has become one of the contenders. Beast riding CEO Li Gang has also revealed that the small blue bike will be 2017 in March and April to open up the Beijing market.

Sharing the rapid development of cycling industry, so that people see the city's colorful cycling landscape, to help solve the "last mile" travel problems. At the same time, shared bicycle also exposed the management of chaos, parking chaos, traffic chaos and other issues, to the city's operations and management to bring new challenges, a number of cities have introduced laws and regulations related to shared bicycle management.

January 6, Chengdu, the 16th People's Congress will share the bike written in 2017 in Chengdu, "Government Work Report", that the pilot will build a bicycle highway, to encourage and support the sharing of bicycles, sharing of new energy vehicles Sharing the healthy development of traffic. Subsequently, on January 9 formally promulgated the "Chengdu on the encouragement of shared bicycle development of the pilot opinion (draft)", to encourage, support and guide the orderly development of shared bicycle specifications, and requires the operator to develop safe riding norms, Civilized car reward and punishment system and the establishment of personal credit evaluation system, the operation of vehicle information and credit evaluation information directly into the government-designated platform to achieve real-time data sharing.

On the same day, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission also issued a "regulation on the Internet to encourage a number of bike service views (draft)." According to reports, the draft clearly defines the responsibilities of government, enterprises and the public, the government is mainly responsible for the development of Internet bicycle industry development policy guidance and standards, planning and construction of bicycles supporting infrastructure, enterprise services supervision and management of violations (Including vehicle maintenance, parking order management, etc.), and to constrain the user behavior and so on. The company is responsible for providing bicycle rental service, purchasing insurance, dealing with passenger complaints, managing vehicles (including vehicle maintenance, parking order management, etc.) and other relevant laws and regulations of individuals or enterprises.

In addition, shared bicycle ownership of nearly 500,000 units of Shanghai, will soon introduce the "Shanghai public bicycle development guidance" to regulate the management of public bicycles. It is understood that the Shanghai Bicycle Industry Association has also organized part of the bicycle business, to develop a unified product standards and shared bicycle service standards, is expected to be the fastest in the first half of 2017 formally introduced.

The face of Chengdu, Shenzhen and other cities share the views of cycling management, shared bicycle companies did not dare to neglect, have to respond. Mubai said it would actively cooperate with government departments, with a large number of platforms to regulate operation and maintenance management, bicycle users to comply with traffic order and other civilized information into the platform, there will be traffic violations of the bike users into the blacklist. Ofo also said it will continue to actively communicate and cooperate with government departments under the guidance of government departments to actively participate in the formulation of relevant policies and opinions collected for the city planning, construction and management and industry sustainable development experience and support.

Scale is limited, interests frustrated

Each new Internet model is born, must face the problem of supervision. But because it is a new model, the new economy, government regulation tends to be relatively lagging behind. Network is also about the car in the fiery development of three years before the introduction of formal management practices. And this time sharing bicycle management approach, may come sooner.

The face of the introduction of a number of cities shared bicycle management advice and methods, although companies are greeted with a smile, and actively cooperate. But in fact, around the attitude of shared bicycles are not consistent. From the above regulations can be seen at present, Chengdu is relatively tolerant of the shared bicycle, while the management of Shenzhen is more stringent. Prior to the media have reported that Xiamen and other cities of the transport sector, has more than once on the shared bicycle penalties and management. And these various management initiatives, will share the bicycle business caused varying degrees of impact.

If the news broke the news is true, the national approach to the management of shared bicycles introduced after the Spring Festival, the safety of vehicles, technology has a clear requirement for the total amount of each city to put restrictions on the operation of the main High demand, which for almost crazy shared bicycle companies and investors, is tantamount to a blow.

Just as to understand the notes in a shared bicycle article mentioned in the shared bicycle companies and investors are doing the next "drop" dream.

Yes, drop is a precedent, from the car about the car market data can be seen, the drop is undoubtedly the absolute king. However, the introduction of the New Deal about the car, the business, drivers and vehicles, stringent requirements, the impact of the greatest impact. The industry believes that a round of capital to push up the valuation of 38 billion US dollars, under the blow may be playing on the fold. Droplet investors at this time is anxious.

For the sharing of bicycles, the situation will not be optimistic about the situation than the network. We will continue to focus on the policy changes in the sharing of cycling, as well as policy on the practical impact of the industry. Members are also welcome to provide a clue to understand.

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