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Mobike Made In Putian

If you want to do bike-sharing dockless like mobike or ofo, you can contact with us by

Phone:+86 181 0028 0527 Whatsapp:+86 181 0028 0527 Skype:sale4_812

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13, Putian Xiuyu Wat Shi Industrial Park, Shek Pai Precision Technology Co., Ltd. assembly workshop,

 one by one in full swing production scene. A motorbike bicycle, through the assembly line, is a 

steady stream of offline.

mobike (2).jpg

January 23 this year, Mokai bike announced cooperation with Foxconn, adding more than 500 million 

capacity. "Shepherd Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is Foxconn specifically for the production of 

bicycles bicycles set up one of nine bicycle production base." Guo Dehua, the company responsible 

person, the company completed in February this year, put into production, currently has more than 

200 employees, Production lines, Nissan can more than 2,000 vehicles. Two, the company will add two 

production lines, is expected to produce more than 600,000 annual production capacity.

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