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Mobike Live Users Than The Growth Rate Of Over 200% Ofo Shrink To Below 30%

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Shared cycling war ignited at the end of 2106 at the end of 2017, beginning with the beginning of 

2017, from the initial Mobike, ofo two strong hegemony of the situation has gradually come to the 

Abbot a dominated market, in such a fully competitive market, there are still other brands of 

bicycles Trying to continue to misappropriating approach, such as small Ming cycling, Yibai 

cycling, small blue cycling and other new entrants, as a shared bicycle leader brand, has been t

hrough rapid iteration and strategic cooperation in a number of ways to achieve a decisive 


Since March 29, when the full access to WeChat, the suspension of active users in April than the 

growth rate of more than 200%, just a month to add 24 million registered users, the depth of nearly

 900 million high-activity WeChat users. This is the second in January 2017, the first batch of 

microbes to open microphones, in February the first to support WeChat "sweep away" since the 

unlock, the two companies as a whole strategic cooperation in another depth. It can be said that 

Mobike has been through the domestic mobile side of the largest and most abundant flow pool to win 

new users.


Other aspects of the advantages, according to the latest speed network "2017 first quarter of the 

domestic shared bicycle market research report", based on daily orders, user size, size of the 

transaction, vehicle size and geographical scale and other data, Research Institute comprehensive 

yield of various market share situation.

Data show that sharing the bicycle industry, motorcycles cycling market share reached 56.56%, OFO

 ranked second for 29.77%, Yongan line, by your bicycle and other enterprises are carved up the 

remaining 13.67% of the market. In addition, in the share of cycling APP download and brand 

awareness, favorability, Baidu index, WeChat index, etc., the first real name of the motorcycle 


Mobike has achieved good results in many aspects, the daily order volume has been stable over 20 

million, is the world's largest and fastest growing Internet travel platform; in more than 50 

cities around the world put more than 3.65 million intelligent sharing of bicycles, Single-day 

production capacity of more than 100,000, accounting for 45% of global bicycle production capacity.

 Among them, the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other five cities put more than 200,000, 

Beijing more than 300,000.

The success of the "summit" full description of technology in the important role of sharing the 

economy, Mobike technology-based, the use of intelligent cycling to create excellent user 

experience, intelligent data "magic" platform to improve operational efficiency, multi-advantages 

Plus body, the success of natural water into a matter of course

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