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Mobike Got More Money From Market

January 4, 2017, intelligent shared bike platform mobike announced the completion of a new 

round (D round) 215 million US dollars (about 1.5 billion yuan) of equity financing. Tencent, 

Warburg Pincus invested in the current round of investment, the introduction of new strategic and 

financial investors, including Ctrip, China live, TPG; Sequoia, high-Ling and other existing 

shareholders are with the round of financing investment. Full-service investment bank Huaxing 

Capital provides the exclusive financial advisory services for the motorcycle industry to share 

the bike industry.

"We always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, product innovation, model 

innovation as the core, adhere to the" bike return to the city, "the vision, do not forget the 

beginning of the heart, to do a very strong sense of responsibility of the community , The world's 

leading investors favor and endorse Mobike, which fully reflects their adherence to the direction 

of the Mobike identity, the future development potential of Mobike has a very strong confidence in the 

new year, we will accelerate the expansion of domestic and overseas , To the world's indigenous 

innovation in China, the Mo Bi intelligent sharing bicycle gift to the world more cities and users.


Internet giant Tencent in October 2016 investment in Mobike, as an important strategic investors 

holdings and lead the vote round, its huge resources will undoubtedly bring more development of 

Mobike imagination. Tencent's chairman and chief executive officer Ma said, "The investment in Mabai 

reflects the Tencent's commitment to sharing the economy and smart city.We hope that by virtue of 

the excellent team and leading technology, combined with Tencent understanding of user behavior , 

For the majority of users with unique value of urban life 'Internet +' services.

This new round of strategic investors also include online travel platform Ctrip, and its chain of 

hotel brands, such as management of the China Life Group. These tourism, the hotel industry giants 

will use its strategic resources to help the development of Mobike, for the depth of Mo Bi cycle 

into the city life and city travel to provide more convenient for each scene. Ctrip chairman Liang 

Jian Zhang said, "Ctrip has long been concerned about Mo, Mobike worship to create intelligent shared 

bicycle is not only a short trip to urban tools, more for those who want to close to explore all 

corners of the city travelers to provide the most appropriate tool.Credit And Moab can work 

together to create a seamless interface for city travelers short-distance travel experience.

In addition, the development of Morgan Stanley bike also includes many of the world's leading 

financial investors, such as Warburg Pincus, TPG, etc., they are focused on growth-oriented 

investment, good post-investment management, invested a lot of resources to help the development 

of enterprises.

"As an industry leader, Mabai is very forward-looking, focused on long-term growth, and is 

committed to building its core competencies in line with Warburg's investment philosophy," said 

Wei Zhen, co-president of Warburg Pincus China. And operational capabilities are already well 

ahead of other shared bike brands and their replicability has been validated through rapid urban 

layout in recent months.We are optimistic about Moebay's efficient operating model, healthy 

financial position and huge future growth potential".

The world's first smart bicycle sharing mode, the independent research and development of the 

patented smart lock integrated GPS and communication module, using a new generation of Internet of 

things technology, through the smart phone APP allows users to locate and use the latest Mo Bai,

 Riding to reach the destination near the roadside parked in the right area, close the lock that is

 electronic payment settlement.

Since the end of 2015, the first trial operation in Shanghai, Mobike in the April 22, 2016

 Earth Day, the official launch of intelligent shared bicycle services, in just 9 months after the 

time to achieve high growth, has entered Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou , Shenzhen, Chengdu, Ningbo, 

Foshan, Xiamen, Wuhan nine cities, becoming the world's largest intelligent shared bicycle 

operating platform. Mobike in the city are all set off riding Mobike intelligent shared cycling boom

, to promote the "return of bicycles to the city" to encourage more people to use cycling to change

 the city, not only to more users to short-distance travel convenience, To the city to promote 

green travel to provide a sustainable development of intelligent solutions.

As a model of local innovation in China, Mobike also received a lot of attention from government 

agencies, research institutes, enterprises, public organizations, media and users from all over 

the world, and the international media commented that the intelligent shared bicycle The "bike 

return to the city" road

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