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Mobike Enter UK

June 12, the motorcyclist announced the arrival of the 100th city of Manchester - Manchester, four days later, Matthew more than 600 million US dollars a new round of financing news appeared in the major newspapers, which makes the expansion of Morocco overseas Very "fly". 1000 bikes, starting from June 29 6 months pilot period.

The 1000 Mabi bicycles are made in China, for the new generation of the day, will include adjustable seats and car baskets, while the weight will be more light.

And in order to comply with the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom, all the British bicycles will install headlights, can generate electricity on their own.

In addition, the payment of the way in the UK will also change. Because the WeChat payment and payment in the UK penetration rate is not high, so it will be in the United Kingdom Matthew APP remove this option.

From the reporter to experience the British version of Ma worship APP point of view, the current payment only support the bank card binding.

Mobike cycling in the country has been to low fees, easy to stop by the public favorite, the United States in the worship or continuation of this model.

At present, renting a motorbike bicycle in the UK is required to pay a refundable deposit of £ 49 and then rent 50 pence every 30 minutes. In the just promotion of July, Moab also gave the deposit as long as £ 29 discount.

In fact, the British cities are not large, half an hour can generally ride to reach the destination, so the price does not have the most obvious advantage of the Philippines, but rather without the need to change to the designated location of this one, attracting a lot The first time I heard the cycling of the British people.

In contrast, making the "Manchester City Evening News" in the introduction of the motorbike when used directly in the title wrote: Mobike "better than Boris bike."

mobike (2).jpg

Mayan Mayor Andy Burnham hopes that the introduction of the motorbike can ease urban pollution and traffic congestion.

"We are already aware that the downtown area is too complicated and too busy, and because of this, TfGM works with Mumbai to establish a voluntary compliance principle to ensure that services do not prevent other road users, pedestrians and the city center Of the businessman.

Manchester City's goal is to increase the number of cyclists to 10% by 2025.

From the above it seems, Mabe landed Manchester City is really a win-win thing. Mumbai cycle expansion of the overseas market, Manchester City Council can spend as little investment as possible in exchange for more green travel, Manchester City commuters can have a choice.

Mumbai cycle in Manchester once the pilot success, will be further expanded to the European continent.

But the eyes of the British are staring at whether the wedding will really bring convenience, so the cycling of the British line this is just beginning.

But is it really good to share a bike? For the worship of Manchester City, Manchester City, the ordinary people how to look at this situation?

Do they think that the British weather is suitable for cars? Do you think Manchester City Road is suitable for cycling? They are not often riding a bike? Are cycling for recreation or commuting? How long will you ride leisurely? Do you have a bike if you have a car?

And how much do they know how to listen to bicycles, for example, know Mobike? Do you know where the company is?

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