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Mobike Enter Quanzhou

The first phase to be put about 1,000 urban bicycle market competition intensified

Today morning, there is a shared bicycle "into" Quanzhou, it is the mobike. It is understood 

that the motorcycle can be stationed in Quanzhou, the first will be in Fortress, Licheng District, 

about 1,000 vehicles.

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From the end of June last year, "small yellow people" stationed in the city, to the last month 

Haro cycling "beachhead" Quanzhou, to today's Mount Bi bike, just less than a year, Quanzhou, 

there are three shared bike appearance Three pillars of the potential. It is reported that the 

current province of Fuzhou, Xiamen are Mount Bi bike figure.

There is a need to strengthen regulation

Busy riding a bike quietly settled, the reporter interviewed some Quanzhou citizens.

"This is a good thing, we are welcome, at least travel more than a new choice." Mr. Wang said the 

public, motorcycles to join the Quanzhou bicycle rental market, for the general public travel way 

to provide a new choice, worth the wait The At the same time, he pointed out that many roads in the

urban areas are not wide, especially in the area west of Totoro Road, after the newly shared 

bicycle, there have been some disorderly parking behavior, "if the new bicycle and then a large 

number of stationed Urban road traffic situation is worrying! "

Ms. Yan is very helpful in sharing the convenience of cycling, and at the same time put forward a 

more realistic deposit management problem. She said that now the "little yellow" site has been all 

over the city, do not worry about nowhere parking car rental problem, "one hour free, for the 

public is a good benefit." At the same time, she said that although the "small yellow" deposit to 

300 yuan, but there are departmental supervision, "do not worry about the future deposit refund 


In this regard, the public Lee believes that the registration of convenient sharing of bicycles, 

such as Harrow, Matthew, etc., the deposit can be directly refunded through the Internet, "this 

time to withdraw the gold model, for those who come to Quanzhou tourism , Is actually a good 

choice! "

Normal market behavior expect healthy competition

Mount freeday stationed in Quanzhou, the impact should be the largest recently arrived in Quanzhou 

hellobike. With the sharing of bicycles, helps leader Wang Shiping said they have enough confidence

 to welcome healthy competition.

He said, as a second-tier cities in a second-tier cities to occupy a certain share of the market 

share of cycling brand, naturally has no small competitive advantage. But hellobike in the vehicle 

riding experience, their own operations management, user feedback, etc. have received a lot of 

praise. At the same time, hellobike attaches great importance to contact with the media, businesses

, the government, trying to create a comprehensive ride for the user riding environment. The face 

of emergency response mechanism is complete, the response speed is also very fast. Hellobike trying 

to build a second and third tier cities located in the localization of shared bicycle brand.

Maintain a neutral attitude brewing management measures

"According to the relevant department head said, for the last month settled in Quanzhou Haro 

cycling, the current relevant departments of the attitude is not very clear," support or opposition 

is not allowed, can only stay neutral "

The official said that many domestic cities, as well as the province of Xiamen, Fuzhou and other 

places, there are a variety of shared cycling "beach" settled in the phenomenon, at the beginning, 

as long as it does not affect the city traffic, city appearance, while To facilitate the public 

travel, generally do not oppose, "through a period of operation, after the introduction of measures

 by the relevant functional departments, and then for further standardization and management."

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The number of riding break 10 million

"Little Yellow" this year will add 60 points

(Quanzhou Central City and Anxi), the number of membership cards has reached 187,000, riding time 

A total of 2.63 million hours, according to the speed of 8 km per hour ride, the total riding 

distance of about 21.44 million km, equivalent to around the Earth 526 laps.

"Very convenient, let me develop a good way of life." Mr. Wu told reporters in the urban areas, "

Little Yellow" just opened soon, he will do a rental card, a "little yellow" family, now he Travel 

basically do not drive, go to get off work ride "little yellow", fitness play is riding "little 


mobike (2).jpg

And Mr. Wu, Ms. Huang is now also a "small yellow" family, who lives in the East China Sea, her 

unit in Fortress Street, the door and the unit door has a "little yellow" site, so riding "Little 

Yellow" Work to become normal. Ms. Huang said that on weekends she often and thirty-two friends 

ride "little yellow" visit the old city or ride to Riverside Road or Fenghai Road, along the way 

to take pictures.

Quanzhou Municipal Engineering Management Office revealed that the current "small yellow" site 

started 300, put more than 9600 vehicles, plans to add 60 sites by the end of the year, more than 

1,900 vehicles.

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