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Mobike Enter Netherlands

2017 International Cycling Union Road Bike World Championship, Rotterdam girl Han Tala Burak riding a ride on the same day ritual venue, becoming the first official rider moaning in the Netherlands. Earlier, Mobike has entered the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the United States and other countries.

Dutch bus rental service founder Ronald Haverman responsible for worship in the Netherlands business promotion. He told reporters that a few weeks ago, the first batch of Mobike to be donated in Rotterdam was put on by 150 bicycles. Nowadays, there are four to five hundred urban streets, mostly in the center of the city. "We initially only slightly put a small amount, according to the actual use of the situation to decide on follow-up."

mobike (2).jpg

It is understood that in the Netherlands registered as a user worship, credit cards need to be linked, the deposit is 5 euros (about 38.6 yuan), the fee for 30 minutes 0.5 euros (about 3.86 yuan). Havermann said they will send a dedicated team responsible for moving illegal parking of bicycles every day, damaged bicycles will be promptly replaced.

Rotterdam is bidding for the best cycling city in the Netherlands in 2018. The city government encourages people to cycle and create conditions for them

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