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Mobike Enter Japan Sapporo

China shares bicycles "Mobei bike" (Mobike) Japanese company announced on the 15th, August 23 will be the first in Hokkaido Sapporo City to carry out business, is the first time in Japan.

According to Kyodo News reported on August 15, according to the company said it will carry out the convenience store "Seicomart" business "Secoma" and Satsudora and other local enterprises, in the city set up a dedicated parking area. Can be unlocked by APP, in any place to take the car also car. It is reported that the introduction of the number of bicycles and charging system will be released on the 22nd. Snowy more winter will stop the business.

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Reported that the motorcycle in April 2016 in China started. Subsequently, the business expanded to Singapore, the United Kingdom and other places, due to low prices and convenience makes users continue to increase. Established Japanese company in Fukuoka in June this year.

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