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Mobike Enter Fuzhou, Fujian Province

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This year, in the streets of Fuzhou, as if overnight, shared bicycles are sprung up like the 

emergence of low-carbon travel concept has also been more and more popular in the public.

The world's first intelligent shared bicycle Mobike cycle announced today to enter Fuzhou, began 

trial operation. Fuzhou became the 15th domestic city after Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

, Chengdu, Ningbo, Xiamen, Foshan, Wuhan, Kunming, Nanjing, Dongguan, Jinan and Zhuhai.

Fuzhou, Fuzhou bicycle bike landing Fuzhou Fuzhou to help green travel

Will be put in Fuzhou, more than 10,000

It is reported that the bike is the world's first smart shared public bicycle project, the public 

use the mobile phone to download APP, the user registered account and pay a deposit of 299 yuan, 

you can search and find the smart phone scan code to unlock the bike, riding Fuzhou city.

Li Yuxian, general manager of the country to expand the introduction, the main jurisdiction in 

Fuzhou Drum Tower, Jinan, Taijiang, Cangshan, Mawei five areas of operation. Is expected to put up 

more than 10,000 vehicles, the first batch of points to Fuzhou subway station along the site, bus 

hub and the public travel-based thermal points, depending on the user growth, market conditions and

 other factors steadily put vehicles.

Li Yuxian said: "Fuzhou put the bike to four years of maintenance-free design for the goal of the 

classic models of Mabai cycle, the use of solid tires, do not need to inflate, but also to avoid 

the risk of a puncture. Body stamping aluminum to prevent rust Instead of the chain of vehicles, 

to avoid the traditional bicycle "lost chain" of the problem. "Fuzhou people Mr. Chen said:" Mobike 

appearance is particularly cool, can not wait to give it a try. "

Fuzhou, Fuzhou bicycle bike landing Fuzhou Fuzhou to help green travel

Enabling Credit Score System to Regulate Citizen Car

A city subway and bus system and then perfect, it can not be the "last mile" to solve the problem 

perfectly, short distance travel advantage of the bike, just to make up for the end of the 

shortcomings of traffic. To share the mode of cycling operation, a bicycle can serve more than a 

day, both to improve the utilization rate, but also save resources.

However, the "take with the release" to facilitate travel at the same time, also test the quality 

of the user. "The smart lock on their bike is equipped with GPS, which makes it easy for users to 

make reservations," said Li Yu-hsien, "The credit score system for each user is divided into full 

credit points based on whether or not they comply with the travel rules Points, if less than 80 

points, the user will be punished on the use of bicycles, or half-hour fee will reach 100 yuan. "

However, Li Yuxian said the credit score system is set to appeal to the public spontaneously comply 

with the use of criteria, Guide the public to regulate the car.

According to reports, they will explore in Fuzhou with the government, community and park a variety

 of ways of cooperation, while drawing on the city's operating experience before, intensive 

operations in Fuzhou, to provide the public a more convenient ride experience.

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