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Mobike Cycling Daily Orders Exceeded 20 Million, Uninhibited Distribution Of 2,000 Yuan Red Envelopes

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April 13 evening 23:52:18, Mobike day 20 million orders were born. The next day, Mobike for 

this data were issued a notice. This marks, Mobike beyond the drop into the world's largest Internet

 travel platform. It is worth noting that the number of orders for 20 million, equivalent to more 

than twice the second place in the industry, more than the sum of the industry's second to tenth, 

and is still growing rapidly.

As early as the "break through the eve", the worship of the breakthrough on the "20 million mark" 

full of confidence. In order to make the victory more shocking some, Mobike also promised - the first

 20 million order creators, will get the platform issued a 2,000 yuan red envelope. However, in the

 order of a breakthrough 20 million seconds, a total of North Canton and overseas cities in 

Singapore, 31 users riding Cycles, together to complete this remarkable achievement. In this regard,

 there is no slightest prevarication, but rather to all of these "lucky" who distributed cash red 

envelopes or equivalent gifts.

mobike (2).jpg

In order to further expand the scope of joy, the Ministry of Prophet announced that April 15 to 16,

 all the city's red car maximum amount raised to 2,000 yuan to reward tens of millions of users of 

all ages. From the highest 100 yuan to the highest 2,000 yuan, 20 times the difference was born, 

grab the "2,000 yuan red envelope" became one of the most keen national activities. In the "2,000 

yuan red envelope" distribution period, the user activity has been significantly improved, the 

enthusiasm of the people around the bursting.

It is reported that Mobike has 50 cities at home and abroad have been put 3 million intelligent 

sharing of bicycles, put the number of the industry equivalent to the sum of the second to tenth. 

A huge set of base, equipped with intelligent and accurate operation and maintenance model, 

allowing users to "find the freak cycle" time is shortened. In addition, the Matthew APP also has a

 "reserved bike" function, you can lock a bike in the region for priority riding, which is more 

convenient for people to travel.

Up to now, the number of registered users of motorcyclists has reached tens of millions of orders. 

According to third-party data research institutions IResearch report shows that the active users 

of the motorcycles have reached more than 2 times the industry's second, the average daily use of 

the second more than 40%, the amount of recharge is equivalent to the second The name of the nearly

 5 times the leading edge is still expanding. With a large number of active users, as well as the 

support of super red envelopes, the number of orders on the day will be a new high? Let us wait and 



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