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Mobike And China Merchants Bank Cooperation On The Deposit Management

February 28, Mobike cycling, China Merchants Bank jointly announced the two sides reached a 

strategic cooperation, the future deposit supervision, payment settlement, finance, services 

and marketing and other aspects of comprehensive cooperation.

Mobike cycling chief financial officer Zhang Renzhao introduction, since the beginning of the 

establishment of the car park and the Merchants Bank has maintained a good partnership, had 

already opened a special account in China Merchants Bank, the user deposit to focus on unified


Zhang Renchao said that the strategic cooperation is a profound reflection of the shared economic 

thinking in the strategic development of the two sides, and the deepening and development of the 

original good cooperative relations between the two sides. Through this strategic cooperation, the 

two sides will continue to deepen and improve the deposit supervision Cooperation, China Merchants 

Bank will supervise all the funds within the account for a rigorous audit, supervision, to ensure 

that the deposit management in line with national laws and regulations and between the worship and 

the user "user guide", "fare and deposit" provisions.

mobike (2).jpg

China Merchants Bank Vice President Tang Zhihong said that China Merchants Bank optimistic about 

the prospects for the development of motorcycles cycling, the strategic cooperation contract, in 

addition to continue to provide deposit supervision services, but also in the funds settlement, 

green finance, credit card points, retail customer resource sharing and Physical network parking 

services and other aspects of in-depth cooperation.

It is understood that through the financial platform and mobile Internet platform to achieve 

docking, the two companies can better serve customers on both sides. With the leading edge of 

China Merchants Bank's mobile finance and strong capital strength, Mattai will further enhance 

its advantages in the field of mobile Internet travel, but also for the tens of millions of China 

Merchants Bank card users to provide more convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly way 

to travel , Give full play to the mobile Internet + the greatest value of finance.

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