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Recently, the world's top brand consulting firm Prophet Platinum released 2017 Chinese brand relevance index and brand 50 list, sharing economic industry representatives, the global smart sharing bicycle industry pioneer and leader Mobike cycling list. The B & B cycle is not only the only listed company in the list of shared bicycles, but also the only company in the field of Internet travel. In the 30 major industry competitions, the motorbike is also awarded the " Travel "industry champion.

Has always been brand selection activities, the list of the credibility and authority bear the brunt of the list. As an international and professional brand research organization and design consulting firm, with the integration of diversified consulting experience background, national and cultural team Prophet platinum Hui has always been the industry authority, its assessment and analysis have been unanimously respected.

"2017 China's most relevant brand 50 strong" brings together the industry's top brands. The brand relevance of the selection is based on the four principles are: obsessed with the consumer, extremely pragmatic, bring a unique inspiration, not always self-proclaimed innovation. As the first global Internet travel brand, despite the emerging enterprises, motorcycles cycling brand strategy and evaluation of the four principles are very consistent, but also by the parties fully recognized.

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The platinum Hui 50 list can be described as big gathered. In addition to "the new four inventions" one of the worship of bicycles, Alipay and WeChat were ranked 2017 brand 50 list of the first and second. Android, IKEA home and Apple followed, among the top five. Top 20 well-known brands include Nike, BMW, Huawei, Intel, Microsoft, Adidas and so on. And Mabe beat many industry giants into the list, it is by virtue of its green economy in the field of innovation and outstanding performance. In the "Fortune" magazine published "2017 50 companies to change the world," the list, also by virtue of creating a "more sustainable and more environmentally responsible way of travel" to enter the list, as China The only one of the three companies on the list, but also share the only one in the field of bicycle business.

In addition, Matthew in this selection was named "travel and travel" industry champion, which is equally well deserved. According to statistics, in the past year, the total share of the intelligent sharing bicycles in the country was more than 2.5 billion kilometers, saving 460 million liters of gasoline; reducing carbon emissions by 540,000 tons, equivalent to 170,000 cars Year of carbon emissions; reduced by 4.5 billion microbakes of PM2.5 emissions. As early as June of this year, Mobike was awarded the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) "Climate Traders' Sustainable Urban Transport Special Award" in recognition of its positive impact on innovative technologies and the promotion of sustainable transport.

Up to now, Mobike has entered the country's top 90 countries over 180 cities, operating more than 8 million intelligent sharing of bicycles, serving the world's ultra-200 million users. Always adhere to innovation and upgrading the development path, and constantly optimize the brand layout, upgrade brand strategy, casting brand temperament, Mobike is sharing, innovation, environmental protection, sustainable development of the brand development track in the world show "China Zhi create"

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