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Membrane Structure Construction Step, What Does

Membrane structure parking modern commercial society is a common public buildings and facilities, is essential to people's daily lives and living facilities. In many of the public are able to see the figure of the membrane structure parking.

This shed is characterized by compact structure, unique shape, shelter for the people, to prevent exposure, and played a good effect, so detailed manufacturing steps architectural membrane structure carports, what does?

The first step: the membrane structure construction design drawings before construction, design and construction program to develop a viable according to the user's needs and the actual design and construction conditions, after user acceptance and related audit departments through strict accordance with the construction plan construction. At the same time according to design drawings marked on some of the basic components in the plant material will be required to prepare the next material, the basic feed after passing inspection, should be carried out in accordance with the ratio of the corresponding assembly drawings, while able to live quick installation and setup.

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