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India Are Going To Have Many Bike Sharing Company

In India, where the bicycles were developed and were sweeping the globe, Indian companies, which had been copying the Chinese model, began to follow suit.

In recent days, there are Indian media reports that the Indian car rental platform Zoomcar, the upcoming launch of India's domestic cycling products PEDL. The first stop of the product will be operational in Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata.

There is news that more than bicycles, Zoomcar is also trying to develop motorcycle sharing products. The purpose of sharing a bicycle is to supplement Zoomcar's existing business. The company's shared bike will have to try GPS positioning devices, solar charging, built-in sirens and smart locks, decoding will be carried out by scanning two-dimensional code.

The whole process is similar to the sharing of bicycles in China, except that the shared bicycle is set up in the city and is in cooperation with small shops or businesses, where they are responsible for handling the leasing business.

mobike (2).jpg

Zoomcar's shared cycling charges are 10 rupees per half hour (RMB1) and more than half an hour will increase the usage fee.

Zoomcar said that India's last 5 km traffic market there is a huge market gap, I believe Zoomcar's shared bike to fill the market gap. According to the Indian media ET report, Zoomcar will be about to invest about 10,000 bicycles in the Indian market this year, the number of cycling in 2018 will be further expanded.

Recently reported that China shared cycling giant ofo intends to enter the Indian market in the first half of next year, sharing the concept of cycling is rising in India. But the shared bicycle industry can survive in India is still unknown, not only India will not happen as China's bicycle loss and damage occurred. In addition, the lack of parking, cycling, poor road and other problems are also placed in front of a shared bicycle.

Currently there are RentSetGO, Planet Green Bikes, Rentomo and Metro Bikes in India.

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